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Friday, August 31, 2012

10 Minutes for an Elegent Hairstyle

I just installed Blogger app (never knew it existed) so this will be my first testing post :).

I'm actually in the process of editing this new hairstyle. This hairstyle is super quick, only took me 10 mins. I actually had a little over an hour to get ready for a formal dinner with some friends then I realized that I spent most of the time on my face and with only 15 mins left, I came up with this quickie hairdo. It looks elegant & classy enough for any formal event. I also got loads of compliments on this style so I can't wait to share with you guys the steps on how to achieve this look.

Please stay tune for the tutorial!


  1. 15 minutes to think up such a hair style?? O.o woah, u're pretty amazing!
    can't wait to see your new one*.*

  2. beautiful , waiting for the tutorial

  3. welcome to the appers :D
    we always stay tunned for the tutorial \(^ ^)/

  4. رائع
    ؟بس كيف اشوف الفيديو

  5. Are you going to make a YouTube video, cause I'm a hairdresser and would love to know how to do it:D

  6. Cinthia! You're my favorite blogger for hairdo's!! I never had confidence to do any of these and you make it really clear and do-able! I'm a fan, and I am sure my girlfriends are catching up too!

  7. Your creations beautiful.. I love them! Please can you do some hairtutorial's videos for short-medium hair? Thank you xoxo


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