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Sunday, November 6, 2011

DIY Suede Leather Ring

I'm so into DIY stuffs lately and while I was browsing online for inspirations, I came across this blog which has a really cool tutorial on how to make a leather ring.  It seems easy enough for me and the best part is I already have all the materials needed in my modest craft collection :)

So here's how I made the ring in less than 10 minutes.
Gather all the stuffs needed...
1. Wire
2. Suede leather straps 
3. A plier
4. A highlighter or a cylinder object that is about the size of your ring finger.  It doesn't have to be exact since you can manipulate the size by pulling the wire together later.  

I took the wire and wrap it around the highlighter several times like so...

Trim off the excess length that you don't want...

I don't like sharp edges, so I wrapped both sharp ends against the loop (I think that's what you'd called it) hehe

Take the suede leather and loop it/alternate between the wire...

Once the wire is all covered, cut off the leather strand, then tuck the end of the strand in to hide the discontinue part.

Finished.....very unqiue and cute....I'm liking it :)


  1. Very cute and creative! I may have to try this out soon :D

  2. How clever! Thanks for sharing!

  3. wow! DIY! Twin you're talented! I am doing well and how are you? Haven't been chatting with you for quite some time!

  4. Very cute and simple ! Will try this when I have time :)

  5. for your banner above, what curler/hair iron did u use to achieve those curls? its so gorgeous

  6. This is very creative (: liking it alot..!!

    CMPang x

  7. what a sweet surprise to see you made it! :) it looks lovely with the yellow! mind if I share it on my blog?
    xo, Lauren

  8. Lauren,
    Please do. Thank you for your inspiration :))

  9. This is very lovely! I might just try to do one (or 5) for myself! when I do, I'll put it up on my blog and credit you for it :D


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