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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hair Tutorial: Bohemian Braids

This hairstyle is pretty simple and easy to do but I had to re-record it several times cause my hard drive basically went koo-koo on me.  I saved several other tutorials on the same hard drive and would also have to re-record them again :(

Hope you guys like it :))
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  1. thank you for this video! I've been looking for hairstyle ideas involving braids! Will try this for work :)

  2. I loved this hairstyle and I'm impressed by your earring (so cute)!

  3. so pretty. Again, great idea. I even like it before the hair curling.

  4. cute blog! those earrings are cute, where'd u get something like that? Or did u make them also :P~

  5. Nice. Im in love with this hairstyle. Its totally simple but come out gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Hope you post more hairstyles videos.


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