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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Where Did My Summer Go?

Before I knew it, summer is almost gone?  There are still so many things I wanted to do like go jump off from an airplane, walking inside a waterball, sightseeing on a hot air balloon....yikes! if you haven't notice, they're stuffs that gotta do with height and two biggest FEAR!  hate them and I want to conquer them. hehe


I can't do any of the above right now.....because.....

I'm trying out a new lightening product on my skin (mainly for acne scars/brown spots) and I'm too afraid to bathe in the sun nowadays (another FEAR *sigh*).  My current best friend is a tube of sunscreen which I carry with me everywhere I go for retouching :)  I'm crossing my fingers that the cream will do miracle and fade away the annoying brown spots.  Here's a tip for those of you with acne:  DO NOT TOUCH your pimple!  DO NOT PICK your pimple! and DO NOT SQUEEZE your pimple.  Well, in short, just LEAVE YOUR PIMPLE ALONE.  Believe me, I told myself that so many times but I quickly swallowed my own words when a pimple or two popped up ^.^  So yeah, long story short, I picked, I squeezed, then I got brown acne scars/ I have to use cream to lighten it and it's no fun at all :(

Nuff said, here are some pics this past weekend of me out and about after 2-3 layers of sunscreen o_O hehe

*Some of you requested a tutorial for the hairstyle in this post.  Check it out here:  Retro Braids Hair Tutorial

I heart braids, can you tell? :)


  1. You look gorgeous and your skin looks fine in these photos!
    I've had huge huge huge brown acne scars before too. After about 6-8 months, I noticed that they just disappeared which was okay, but I think I heal/fade faster than most people. I do know what you mean though. I'm guilty of picking/popping too. Siiigh!

  2. OMG! Can U be more beautiful?? I simply loved your look! Could U please teach us how to do this hairstyle? Please? Please?

  3. o wow i love your hairstyle in this post!!!! tutorial? :D

  4. I agree... you should definitely post a tutorial for this hairstyle!

  5. Silent steady lurker here. So totally in love with your hair and I agree with everyone else! please post a tutorial :)


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