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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Gradient Sponge Technique

I love things that are so easy to do yet, it looks like you spent a great amount of time doing it.  Don't you?  One great example is this nail sponge technique.  It's great for those who have little time to spare yet, still want great looking nails :))

What you'll need:
-A sponge (art sponge, paint sponge, makeup sponge....etc).
-Nail polishes - several colors of your choice
-Top coat & base coat
-A small plate to place the polish on ( can apply the polish directly to your nails)

Step 1: Apply base coat onto your nails.  Let them dry.
Step 2: Place the nail polishes on the plate in any combination/direction you like....

Step 2:  Use the sponge to pick up the nail polish then apply it onto your nail one at a time.  OR you can apply the nail polish directly onto your nail then gently press the sponge against it to create a gradient look...

Step 3: Take a Q-Tip, dip it into acetone then use it to clean any polishes that are outside the nails....finish off with a layer of top coat.

Here's my result.  Simple, Quick and Easy!  Love it :)



  1. using luminous colors can help to make a gradient style of nails, but also there is a pre-made that can be used for that.

  2. perfect idea!!!! Twin! Why are you the smarter twin while I'm the lower form? LOL!!! Just making you laugh! Miss you dear!

  3. Great idea! looks super nice on u :)


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