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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Half Moon Polka Dots Nail Arts Tutorial

What you'll need:
-Nail straightener or base coat
-Top coat
-Several nail polishes (your choice of colors)
-Reinforcement labels 
-Nail Art Pearls
-Nail Art dotting tool 

Step 1:
Cut the reinforcement labels in half

Step 2:
Paint your nails with a color of your choice...this color will be the half moon.  I chose white for this...
After your nails are dried, place the pre-cut reinforcement labels onto your nails to create a half moon look...

Step 3:
Now paint your nails again with several different colors of your choice...

Step 4:
After the colors are dried, use the dotting tools to create polka dots then peel off the reinforcement labels...

Step 5:
Lightly brush a layer of clear nail polish onto the outline of the half moon.  Use a toothpick, dip it into clear nail polish then pick up the nail art pearls and place it on the line/outline of the half moon...

Finished look :)


  1. Omg, great tutorial! This design is SO elegant!

  2. This is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing :)

    *runs off to try*

  3. Super cute, I love the colors you used Twin :)

  4. This is soooo pretty! I'm so glad you posted this tutorial!

  5. Those are great nail arts. Thanks for sharing your ideas and thoughts to us. I can now make some changes in the way I color my nails.

  6. I love your blog and your tutorials. Very beautiful these nails. I am Brazilian and I enjoyed too much scatter to my friends. A kiss and congratulations for the great work. Bye!


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