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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Hair Care Routine

Please note that this is an ongoing experiment so I might come back and update my review later if I find any changes in the quality of the products in the long run or if I find better alternatives to the products listed below

This post is actually requested by some of you who are interested to know what type of products I use to take care of my hair, etc.  To be honest, there haven't been ONE single product that I called my HG.  Just like skincare, some people feel that it is necessary to use the same brand for cleanser, moisturizer and night cream in order for it to work.  For me, it's more about finding products that's compatible with your skin/hair.

My hair is currently colored and dry so the products I use below are for those purposes.  Like I mentioned earlier, I'm still experimenting with different products and these are some I'm currently use.

I do QUEEN HELENE JOJOBA HOT OIL TREATMENT once a week.  You can get it for around $5-8.  The bottle is 8oz and each treatment requires one ounce so the whole bottle will lasts you 8 treatments total.  Consistency is key in this product, it does not work miracle if you only use it once or twice.  The product will leave your hair soft and smooth with regular use.  If you're gonna give this a try, make sure to read and follow the instructions carefully.  Test a small amount on the inner wrist area or other sensitive part of your skin before placing the product onto your scalp.  The first time I tried this, I almost burned my scalp.  The instruction say to cover your hair with a heat cap or warm dry towel, I use disposable shower cap and it works just fine.  But a warm dry towel is best to lock-in the moisture.  Also, it says to leave the product on for 3 minutes before rinsing, I tend to leave it on for 5-10 minutes and use a little more than 1oz each time since my hair is quite long.  

Overall, this product does not works miracle but it works if you use it consistently for several months and for the money I paid for....I won't complain until I could find a better alternative.

One and Only ARGAN OIL TREATMENT is LOVE!  I've used so many leave in oil treatments, hair shine sprays/serum, etc. and by far, this is the only one that I re-purchased.  
To be honest,
I don't like oily stuffs, that is: hair serum, hair shine, hair spray, hair oil....etc.
but this product is simply great.
I like the fact that it's:
*oily but not the greasy type of oily 
*after a while the oil absorbs into your hair and makes it look silky smooth
*it control flyaways
*it has a strong scent which I like although it can be a turn off for some people
*it's inexpensive and a little goes a long way: get it at sallys for $8

I recently tried the MACADAMIA NATURAL OIL DEEP REPAIR MASQUE because it has superb reviews online and I must say the reviews are mixed.  Some key ingredients in this product are macadamia, argan oils, tea tree oil, chamomile oil, aloe and algae extract...

The product does contain fragrance which is a downside for some people who preferred non-fragrance products.  
For me, 
the smell is nice and I'm more picky on ingredients when it comes to skincare products rather than hair products.  I know, it really doesn't make sense since both type of products gradually absorb into your skin.  But if you're really need an explanation then I guess I'm more paranoid when it comes to my face than my scalp ^O^

You only need to do this treatment twice a week.  Leave it on as a conditioner for 7mins in the shower then rinse.  Consistency is also key in using this product.  It does leaves your hair soft and smooth to the touch after each use but you need to continue using it as directed to prolong the result.  I do feel that my hair is softer and smoother after using it but for the days I skipped (you're only suppose to use it twice a week) my hair tends to go back to its normal stage.
This is an OK product for me.  I may not repurchase it.

IT'S A 10 MINUTES MIRACLE LEAVE IN PRODUCT is good but not as good as my Argan Oil :)
So I'd recommend trying the Argan oil first before trying this!

Here's a downer, 
This product also contains fragrance like most other hair products and the scent is really strong.  
However, being weird as I am I find the scent to be really nice O_O
The consistency of this product is not liquid but rather a white paste
A little product goes a long way.  
Too much of this product can cause greasiness or a sticky feel to your hair.  Overall, I'm not too impress with this product yet.  I may have to use it for a longer period of time to see how it goes.

Click on picture for ingredient list:

Again, not every product work the same way for everyone.  But if you dye your hair often like I do or tend to use hot styling products such as curling iron and hair straightener, do try to get some hair treatment products to prevent your hair from being damage.  Another tip is use hair color shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair color from fading.  Also cut/trim your hair every so often to keep it looking healthy and prevent split ends ^^


  1. I dye my hair often and its not as healthy as before anymore :( I've been battling to keep my hair healthy! And I've used so many products too! I'm glad you shared yours that works but unfortunately, NONE of them are available locally twin! LOL never mind, there's a reason why you're on the opposite side of the world and I'm here! :D

  2. Hey there, thanks for posting this, your hair is soo shiny!!

  3. Thanks for these recommendations. Your hair is so pretty :] I have never dyed my hair or use heat that much but my ends are so dry and damaged. I think I'll try out Argan Oil

  4. ooooh thanks for sharing your hair routine! how much is that its a 10?

  5. Hi Cinthia. U r so amazing!! Anyway I am dying to know ur hair dye in the knotted hair tutorial (I know I am not the only one) Ik it is a palty brand and I think it is cherry blossom. Could u please respond? Ik that u will probably just ignore this but I am begging u to tell me everything u know about ur hair dye. Please please please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PPPPPPPLLLLLLLEEEEAAASSSE RESPOND!! I am truly begging u!! Love u!! U rock!

    Vanessa :) <3

  6. Hi, my name is Krysia, I`m Peru. I don`t speak english very well but I love Your channel because its very interesting, I hope that you wil are a good person!

    Good Luck!


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