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Friday, June 10, 2011

Soft Pink Makeup Tutorial

Step 1.  Apply eye makeup base all over eyelids...

Step 2.  Use a brush to apply a light pink or peach eye shadow on eyelids... 

Step 3.  Apply a dark shade (I used brown) at the corner/crease to define lid...blend it gently...

Step 4.  Use a white shimmery eyeliner to line the bottom lash

Step 5.  Use a brush to gentle apply the pink/peach eye shadow on top of the white liner...

Step 6.  Apply white eye shimmer/glitter on the inner rim of eyes...

Step 7.  Use a black eyeliner to outline the top and bottom lash lines....focus only on the outer end....

Step 8.  Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes.  Finish off with lipgloss or lipstick....



  1. Love this look but why don't you do a video tutorial because that would be much better! Please!

  2. lovely look. you skin looks amazing btw! :)

  3. Oh my goshh! I am in looove with this~
    You look so gorgeous!

  4. What foundation & colors did you use here? So beautiful!

  5. love this look! pretty pretty!

  6. lovely.. ^^,) super like it.. tnx... :D

  7. wah ! love ur make up , btw wanna ak u , u use white shimmry what brand ya ?

  8. you look lovely. love the soft pink look.

  9. This is sush a beautiful makeup look.
    You look sooooo pretty.
    Can I post this in my blog.
    Pretty please.

  10. What kind of lens are you wearing here?

  11. so pretty. what kind of lip gloss did you use. i love the color of it so much!!

  12. Wow, that's so creative. I was always nervous for using pinks because I was worried it'll look like I didn't have enough sleep or cried or had allergies. But this just looks perfect for a summery or spring look!

  13. I love your tutorials..i just descover u today but promise I will keep my eyes on u :) kisses from Romania
    Mary k from fashionstoryandmore

  14. ur make up techniques are worth following n i m sure i vl rock doing ths make up.thanks a load of times. bless u. Cinthia plz do tell us product names as well .that would b anodr favour. :-)


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