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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DIY Rabbit Bunny Wired Ear Headband

What you'll need: 1. fabric, 2. scissor, 3. wire, 4. plier, 5. measurement tape

Step 1. Cut two pieces of fabric into equal length and width...what I did was measure of one my headband (the one that wrap around your full head) and add a few more inches for the bunny ears.  Depending on how long and wide you want the headband to be...mine came out to be 40in by 3.5in.

Step 2. Place the right side (the darker) back to back then sew two parallel lines along the edges.  Remember to leave a little opening at the end so you could flip the right side of the fabric out later on...

Step 3. Use your plier and create a small round curve at the end of the wire (pictured below)....the reason for this is to make the wire goes smoothly along the seam lines without being stuck to the fabric/thread.

Step 4.  Take the rounded end of the wired and push it in along one of the opening of the two parallel seam lines until you reach all the way to the other end/opening...

Step 5. When the wired has run through smoothly, flip the right side of the fabric out then use the needle and hand sew the remaining parts....

This is the opening part that I had hand sewn...if you pull the two end of the fabric together and push it inside and sew it like the technique in the picture above, the seam line will not be visible...

My finished version...I made my bunny ears a little bit longer because I wanna be able to wear it multiple ways....

Have fun being creative :))


  1. You look SUPER cute twin! I want to pinch your cheeks right now :) *pinches* cutey cutey! :P

  2. you look cuteee and you're so creative =D followed you to see more diy stuff

  3. I really like your blog! It could be possible to write about fashion, dressing tips as well? :) -a reader from Hungary

  4. You look so cute :) and thanks for the diy how to

  5. really nice blog! i'm your 800 follower!



  6. Hy!Of-toppic what hair colour did u use for that nice brown ??

  7. this is SO cute! you have such great taste! and a wonderful blog! i'd love for you to check mine out and give a few of your opinions on it! :)

    follow me?

  8. omgosh! This is so adorable!! The blue polka print is too cute :D


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