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Friday, June 10, 2011

Cool Newspaper Print Nail Art Tutorial

 I came across this super cool nail art design online and it's so easy to do....thought I'd share with you girls...

What you'll need:  1 base coat, 1 top coat, 1 nail polish (whichever color you like), newspaper (cut into 10 little pieces to fit on your nails)

Step 1: Apply base coat onto your nails.  Wait until they're dry then apply nail polish...

Step 2:  Pour a little bit of alcohol into a dappen dish, then place your already dry nail into it for 5 seconds.  If you don't want to use alcohol, water should work too but the letters will not be as dark and precise as with alcohol.

Step 3:  Immediately take a piece of newspaper and place it on top of the nail.  DO NOT RUB on it, the letters will smear.  Gently tap/press it onto your nail for about 5-10 seconds then remove the newspaper.

Step 4:  Finished off with a layer of top coat.  It's important to use top coat to keep the letters intact.  
Here's how mine looks like....



  1. cool!! tryin this one out :)

  2. ooooh they look great! i should try this! thanks for sharing :)

  3. hey! just wanted to hear if you have had any results with the eyebrow conditioner (don't remember the name right now)? I have thin overtweezed eyebrows and need some help.

  4. Wow! What a print Of the nail paint,, i really like this..Keep It up!
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  5. This is so cool! I'm going to try it out soon :D

  6. Ive tried this a couple times and Ive totally forgotten about this.

    Cool huh!

  7. That's such a cool design! Bound to get some compliments. I'll definitely do this on my nails soon.

  8. what kind of alcohol do you use? because I tried it and it didnt work for me. I think it's because of the alchohol i used. Or maybe because I used a japanese news paper?


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