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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nail Dangles - Jewelry

Have you ever heard of nail dangles or nail jewelry? I love this idea when I first heard of it a while back. So I ordered the kit which cost roughly less then $20 online and this is how it looks like:

The kit comes with a small drill....

What you'd do is drill a hole through nail from the underside of your nail...this is not the best picture here to show you how it's done since I had to hold the camera and take picture with the other hand.  The idea of drilling a hole through your nail may be a bit daunting but it's actually really harmless ^^

This is how it looks like after inserting the dangle onto your nail.  There should be tiny connectors which you'd use to connect the opening of the holes to the dangles...

There are so many different types of nail dangles online.  This is the first kit I bought and the dangles came out to be bigger than I thought.  I'd recommend buying really tiny ones, they will look cuter and will be easier to work around with especially for those who work with their hands a lot.

Nail dangles are so cute and fun not to mention that it's an attention grabber.  Not many people are familiar with nail dangles so undoubtedly they will be asking you interesting questions about it ^^

Here's a video that shows you how to properly drill and apply the dangle to your nail:


  1. Twin, nice nails! But I can't...can't bear to drill a hole on my nails! I'm just scared! hahahahah :) How have you been?

  2. Haha I did this during class once with a pin XD My cousin had this (in Taiwan) when I was really little and so I wanted to try it! I really like nail piercings, but then you have to clip your nails all short afterward :o

  3. Hey i also scared of drilling nails. Is there any press and fix jewelery.

  4. I don't think I've seen anything like this on a person I've met yet! It has the potential to be a new trend though. If gold sellers start making them it would definitely go commercial.


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