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Friday, April 15, 2011

Summer Braids

Summer is coming that means I get to play around with many different hairstyles.  I love braiding my hair and if you have seen my video tutorials, you'd notice that I tried to incorporate different braiding techniques in my tutorials.  I have so many new ideas for hair tutorials and I can't wait to upload them.  Here are some pics of me playing around with different styles...these are pretty simple, I may need to spice it up a little bit before recording ^.^


  1. Hi Cinthia!
    These summer braids are super gorgeous and so are you! I especially love your eye makeup that complements you oh so well<3

  2. awww...thanks babe! you're so sweet <3

  3. You have lovely eyes sweetie, it looks more beautiful with your eye make up. Also like your summer braids hairdo, you look really great. I would love to do more hair style to my hair but I’m afraid that it would destroy my hair so that’s why I’m a little careful about doing some hair styles.

  4. are you using contact lenses? :9 nice blog!

  5. What hair dye r u using in this tutorial? I love it! It's okay if u don't remember! Love u!


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