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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Skinfood Agave Cactus BB Cream Review

"The Skin Food Agave Cactus Sun BB Cream SPF36 PA+++ contains the extracts of the “moisture reservoir”, Agave and Cactus. This watery and fresh bb cream replenishes and repairs skin with endless moisture. Skin worried by dehydration, dullness or fine lines could be treated and cured. Fortified with whitening agent, Arbutin, it brightens complexion and reduces spots. Polyadenylic Acid and Peptides help vitalizes and energizes. After use, skin regains elasticity, glow and youthfulness." Credits:

look at the cap...isn't it cute ^^

unlike regular foundation/bb cream...this one comes with a built in sponge applicator...

all you have to do is squeeze and the foundation/cream will seep through the small opening on the sponge...

Skinfood Agave Cactus BB Cream comes in two shades....I got the lighter one....

Here are some before and after pics...


+ Affordable.  My friend got this bb cream for me when she came back from Korea.  I'm not sure of the exact price but it ranges anywhere between $15-25.
+ SPF 36 PA+++.....meanings you'll get the greatest UVA protection.
+ Sponge Applicator...well, this can be a hit or a miss for some.  At first, I like the fact that it comes with a built in sponge applicator since it's convenience and I don't have to use another sponge or my fingers to blend the cream.  But after a while, I don't think it's a good idea since bacterias and germs can trap in that sponge ^^

- Only available in two shades, which to me they're very light so if you have darker skin you may not be able to try this :(
- Sponge Applicator....see my comment in the *positive* area above.
- Coverage is good but the consistency is way too thick.
- It looks unnatural and makes your skin feels heavy.
- Tends to get oily on the t-zone (I have combination skin)
- A little bit dry on other areas
- Availability.  If you're an online shopper then this will not be a problem but if you're not then finding this bb cream or any other bb cream can be difficult.

Overall Thoughts:
I will not buy this BB Cream again due to the negative pointers above.  If you want to try an affordable BB cream, I'd recommend Skinfood Aloe over this one.  It's much more lighter in consistency with good coverage and leaves your skin natural looking compare to this one.



  1. Your skin looks great though!

  2. thanks for the review. it does look a little heavy.

  3. cinthia dear still so pretty! you don't need bb cream! your skin looks really flawless!

  4. It makes your skin look really flawless! I can see what you mean about it looking very heavy though. I have the Aloe one and really like it for everyday use :)

  5. I had aloe sun but not a big fan of it. I was curious about this but guess it isn't that good uh. Your skin looks amazing tho. Thanks for the review ^^

  6. you are so pretty, i've recently been very addicted to bb cream and i love finding posts about them. There are so many that i still want to try and skinfood is one of them! did you try the mushroom one before?

  7. @mizzandychau,
    no, I haven't try the mushroom one. I'm in no rush to try that one though since I'm not sure if that one has a strong scent or not :-I

  8. Love your final photo twin! you are one gorgeous girl! SUPER!!!

    Anyways, I haven't seen this! The packaging is just too cute and it looks like it works base on photos alone :)

  9. @cinthiatruong

    Your skin looks gorgeous! Would u mind telling me what ur hair color is? I saw that someone else already asked but I decided I would too. Xoxo

    Christine :)


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