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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lancaster's Poppy Fields

The California Poppy is the California State flower.  
I've heard from some people that cutting or damaging of the state flower is ILLEGAL and you may be FINED or put in JAIL (well, I made up the jail part because anything relating to the word illegal for me deserve Jail Time).
Haha. just kidding.
No! I'm not!
Anyway, I didn't believe those people so I went and do my own research.
Here's what my buddy Google had to say:
Those people lied!!! bad liars! well, maybe not to an extend as being bad liars but they lied :(
There's no such law.  
It's considered a misdemeanor only if you intentionally cut/remove the flower on private/state areas.  
Now who in their right mind would intentionally do that?  even if you do, would you said so? haha

But aren't you glad you've learned something new today from me??!

Anyway, after all the research, I feel so much better....
then off I went...
standing in the middle of the poppy field...

no scratch, no harm....

these flowers are so beautiful....
flowers are made to be picked and enjoy....
wonder why not these....hehe


  1. I love your new header twin! you are one gorgeous gal!!!!!

  2. ooh so pretty! Your top matches the flowers too.


  3. yipee more entries :) hurry do more more more! now! haha :) you look more lovely than the poppies (i'm not kissing ass here) haha

  4. please please please please please make more hairstyles!!!!! please!!!!! you're really AWESOME and I have seen ALL your videos and you're really AMAZING so i want to see more of the hairstyle videos as you helped me alot.

  5. where in California is this??? I would love to go there!


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