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Friday, April 2, 2010

Jennifer Lopez Elegance Updo Tutorial

JLO wasn't the only celebrity that wore this hairstyle but this hairstyle is also the favorite of many celebrities on the red carpet. Although, I was inspired when I saw JLo's pictures with this super elegance hairstyle. It may looks complicated and not so easy to do but you're totally wrong! Watch my video tutorial and you will be amazed at how ridiculously easy it is to copy this hairstyle. It's great for those formal and special events.


Here's the inspired picture:


  1. That is so beautifully elegant! I love the makeup as well, very polished and beautiful.

  2. very cute and looks so easy! thanks for sharing :)

  3. I absolutely love your blog! Your reviews are really helpful, especially the ones on the bb creams and nice job on the j-lo updo!!

    I followed your blog too =)

  4. you look absolutely stunning! You can even wear this on your wedding day! This is such a pretty and glamorous look!!!!

  5. This is the best tutorial on updos that I have ever encountered. The step by step approach was easy to follow, and the entire video was artistry in motion. Would you consider doing a tutorial on using a tortoiseshell headband (the drug store type with tiny teeth underneath the rim of the band)being pulled straight back in waxed or conditioned hair with a good size poof in the back of the band? The hair would resemble the crown hair in this video. I do not have an account because my email is at, and I came across your video today for the first time. I was concentrating on ones that were not of this caliber.
    Kudos for an excellent job!

  6. really great!!! I have to ask you, what color you dye your hair? I love it!

    This is my first time seeing your blog :D


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