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Friday, April 16, 2010

DIY Fashion Outfit: Skirt + Wrap

For the'll need an old or never worn shirt. 

Fold it to the length of the skirt you want...

Use a fairly sharp scissor and cut cut cut...

Voila...I'm not even gonna sew this up...cause I'm ghetto like that O.O

It fits nice and perfectly...phew!

Now for the wrap, I got the idea from TheSeam's blog.  Please check out her blog she's pretty chic when it comes to fashion.

You'll need one square yard of fabric...

From the folded side, measure 6in down and 6in across

From that measured point, cut 8 inches down...

Quick and Easy right?

Here's my outfit...LOL

Sorry for the mad watermarking.  I don't like the idea either but I guess that will have to do for now before I could get a better watermark.  It's just sad to come across websites and see your pictures been posted under a different name.  Please be original and help make blogging fun for me and for you :)


  1. hello there! wow, awesome DIY! the idea of using old shirt to make it a skirt is fantastic =D

  2. Girl you are too cute :)

  3. so darn creative! your so gorgeous hun!

  4. Great Creations! I super love the wrap, it looks so classy! It goes with the skirt you made perfectly! I just hope I have the same creativity you have!

  5. Pretty creative! ^__^

    Oh, by the way, I have an award for you... Check out my blog... ^__^

  6. your new Layout looks great!

  7. @Dany, Thanks!! I changed it back because it won't load right for some reason :(

  8. Better than the original.

  9. I totally love your blog! :D


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