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Monday, February 22, 2010

Condom Cures Acne For Cambodian Women

A Cambodian worker holds a Number One Plus condom packet in Phnom Penh Photo: AFP / GETTY

Here's something you don't hear every day: "A condom lubricant designed for sex workers and gay men has become a popular acne cure among female Cambodians, women in the capital have said."  I'm not sure how they discover this new technique to cure acne and I won't imagine it...but somehow, somewhere, and for some reason many Cambodian women have adopted Number One Plus as their cure to acne.  A woman even claimed that she had desperately tried many ways to treat acne but none have worked.  Yet, when her friends referred her to apply the lubricant from Number One Plus condom, her acne totally disappeared within 3-4 days.  Well, I guess they don't called it Number One Plus for nothing.  Cambodian women seem to be happy with their newly found cure.  Hey, for 12 cents a condom to cure your acne, what's more can you ask for right?  Read more about the story HERE.

Source: Telegraph


  1. Awesome stuff! Although I would never try it even if I wake up one morning with acnes... but how they discovered this is amazing to me

  2. Oh mi gosh that's disgusting... lol~ I remember this model mentioning she would put the first urine of the day on her face. That's how her face is so smooth *sigh*. :X

    Thank you for the well wish on Tobey! He's been bleeding blood out of his butt hole. The doc thinks he got colitis, viral inflection on the colon and inflamed it. He gave me 5 days worth of medication. If that doesn't cure it, he will have to do tests which worries me because it's extremely costly *sigh*. I hope Tobey heals!

  3. Wow this is crazy!!! There are so many great finds these days, I just wonder how someone first discovered it! haha


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