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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weird Japanese Beauty Gadgets/Inventions

Chinese made dresses out of condoms and also hair ties out of condoms...but leave it to the Japanese to come up with inventions to keep our body cool and warm...

Does your bottom ever feel stuffed? well, worry no more...thanks to Thanko's USB Cool Pad/Cushion. You're on your way to a cool, comfy and air free....behind...O.O

I actually I kindna like this one...I mean, it's santa can't really go any cuter or lamer than that right? These USB Santa boots will keep my feet cozy and warm on those cool winter nights. I'm happy with just my computer and USB plug-gable boots. ^_^

Lets see...what else I can warm up beside my cushion and feet? about.....

these babies?

uhmm...yes, they do feel cold and lonely sometimes. A little warm loving is always good. Especially, when all you have to do is plug and go. Hey, it's USB Bust Pad for you.

After I'm all warm and happy. I think the guy deserve a little treat as well.
So I guess, I'll get him the latest USB Necktie Fan. This will keep him cool and happy to make more money for my spending spree...well, that's until...he needs to recharge at a later time. But lets worry about that later :)

Thanks to Thanko for keep my family happy. The end :)

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