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Thursday, January 14, 2010

SNSD 800 Calories A Day Diet

SNSD Girls' Generation Diet
In case you're not familiar with SNSD (Girls' Generation), it's a very popular girl group in Korea.  Anyone knows that to get an amazingly fit body is not easy except for a few who were born with a natural high metabolism...they eat and never get fat! But in SNSD case, they seem to also have worked really hard for their looks since recent news claimed that they're on a strict 800 calories per day diet. This news become a center of many netizens talk and finally SNSD's personal trainer A Team representative Kim JiHoon came out to say, “Broadcast shows tend to exaggerate.”
SNSD Girls' Generation Diet
According to Kim Ji Hoon, the news is completely false. And the person who's responsible for fabricating such news is a temporary trainer of SNSD while the official trainer is on break for one month. Kim Ji Hoon expresses that SNSD's daily intake is actually 2000 calories/day or more rather than 800 calories. In order to come up with a daily menu for the girls, there are many factors they have to considered. Some of which are their daily exercises and daily activities which consumed much energy. When the girls are on busy and tight schedule and are not able to keep up with their routine exercises, their diet will be a little bit different. But he's assured that even on tight schedule, the girls is guaranteed to have at least 1200-1500 calories intake a day depending on each individual member.

SNSD Girls' Generation Diet
When asked about the way SNSD's diet and training, Kim said, "In reality, there are no differences between SNSD and other celebrities. They're living normal life just like everyone else. The only difference is that each members of SNSD is an idol and they have many activities therefore, the energy level needed is higher and there need to be a lot of nutrition and balance in their diet."

Kim also states, "I'm apologetic to all members of SNSD and those who are affect by this news. I hope there will not be any false news about SNSD's diet in the future."

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  1. WOW!
    Yeah 800 cal a day is just way too little but then again look at how skinny they are, if they are working out they at least have some muscles on.

  2. omg.. 800 cal a day, how do they survive?

  3. that's why they all weight like ~40kg ... OMG.

  4. i doubt they consume 800 cal everyday though.

    i think a member in kara said that all idol girls undergo really strict diet before a comeback.

    so, i guess the girls eat 800 cal for awhile to look their leanest before a big shoot

  5. wow..its true if we think about it. how come they dont have muscle if they work out and taking 2000 kcal per day?

  6. Have you guys seen Yoona's abs? They have muscle... And Tiffany's thighs? LOL.

    That's muscle right there. You can't dance like SNSD does on stage all the time without constantly fainting if they don't take more than 800 calories a day, so the trainer is obviously right here when saying broadcast shows are exaggerating. A lot.

    Let's use common sense people...

  7. omg! ....
    is it true i must tell you all i am a big big big fan of you all....just wanna be like you guyz slim,cute,sexy,hot all you all muhha!
    .... can any 1 tell me what kind of food they all eat i mean their shaduel of breakfast,lunch and dinner .....
    please please please please please please .....
    god bless you who will answer me wright and give me all details about what i have asked ...
    thnx >_<

  8. I'm just wondering how they don't have more muscles with the way they work out, especially if they eat a relatively healthy diet. I mean...I did 7 years of track and 4 years of swimming and my muscles grew a lot and I don't think I'll ever look as thin as them because of the muscles but how is it that they don't have as much muscle as me? I saw the video of them doing their leg and ab workouts and Jessica lifted her leg (straight-legged) up and you need some strong quads for that but when you look at her legs and the other girl's legs they look almost like they have no quads, it sinks in above their knees, I don't know. I know they have muscles, I can see that but how did they keep them from turning into thunder-thighs but still have the strength of thunder thighs?


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