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Friday, January 15, 2010

Korean Fashion: Who Wears It Better?

Kim Hee Sun vs. Goo Hye Sun:
Kim Hee Sun wore the dress for Instyle photo shoot while Goo Hye Sun wore the same dress on the set of Boys Before Flowers. While I Goo Hye Sun in Boys Before Flowers, I prefer Kim Hee Sun version without the blazer better.
Korean Fashion Styles

Kim Tae Hee vs. Eugene:
Either Eugene is really short that makes the dress looks longer on her or Kim Tae Hee has shorten the dress to show off her sexy legs.
Korean Fashion Styles

Kim Tae Hee's real life brother, Lee Wan vs JaeJoong (DBSK):
No comment. I think they both look hot :)
Korean Fashion Styles

SoHee (WGs) vs Lee Hyori vs Yoon Eun Hye:
I love all the styles. Each has a unique touch and they can't really go wrong with Louis Vuitton's tights.
Korean Fashion Styles

Han Ji Hye vs Kim Hye Soo:
Sorry Ji Hye but Kim Hye Soo wins hands down on this one!
Korean Fashion Styles

Goo Hye Sun vs Yoona:
Can't decide. They both look cute :)
Korean Fashion Styles


  1. I dunno why but i think Goo Hye Sun isn't looking too great in both dresses. The first made her look frumpy? The second is much better but still I think it wud be better without the fur coat :P

  2. I like the outfits on:

    Kim Hee Sun ( bc its breezy)

    Eugene ( I know its a little long and she should've shortened it some, but I like that her skin has color to it bc Kim Tae Hee skin color almost blends in with the dress)

    JaeJoong ( Well I just love hero, and also because on him you can see the whole print of the shirt vs the blazer covering it up)

    Lee Hyori ( I like the leather vest thing with it)

    Han Ji Hye ( I think Kim Hye Soo is too busty for it)

    Goo Hye Sun ( Bc she kept it simple)

    Just my opinions though :)


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