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Monday, January 18, 2010

How To Make Your Eyes Pop or Look Bigger

Here's are great tips from CARGO on how to make your eyes pop or appear bigger. The purpose of CARGO Eyelighter or eye brightening stick is "simplifies the age-old makeup artist trick of widening and brightening eyes through white shadow application along the corners and rims of eyes. Pointed tip applies the matte white shadow to the outer corners of the eyes, under the brows, and to the lower lash line for instant lift. The rounded tip applies soft, shimmering white shadow to the inner corners to open and brighten eyes."
credits: Sephora

How To Make Your Eyes Pop or Look Bigger

1. Apply shimmering tip to the inner corners of the eyes.
2. Appy matte tip to the lower lash lines.
3. Apply matte tip to the brow bones.
4. Finish with mascara.

Of course, these tips will also work with other shimmering or eyelighter pencils as well. But you can get CARGO Eyelighter for only $10 at Sephora (regular price $20). And they do come in different shades. Get yours HERE.


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  2. Wow... you can really see the difference! This is so cool.. now, where to buy those highlighters...


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