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Friday, January 22, 2010

Celebrities Look Alike

Well, they don't look exactly alike but it's interesting to see some similarities between the celebrities.

Angelina Jolie look alike Elyse
Angelina Jolie Look alike

Reese Witherspoon look alike Katie
reese witherspoon look alike

Leonardo DiCaprio look alike Frank
leonardo dicaprio look alike

Jennifer Aniston look alike Renee
jennifer aniston look alike

Hilary Duff look alike Shelli
hilary duff look alike

George Clooney look alike David
george clooney look alike

Brad Pitt look alike David
brad pitt look alike

Katherine Heigl look alike Sara
katherine heigl look alike


  1. Wow, that Dicaprio one is really convincing! Those are really convincing look alikes. :P

  2. Hehehe I think the Hillary Duff one is the nearest. The others. Just resemble. Close though!:)

  3. OMG all of them looks just the same... specially Leo, Jen aniston, OMG Reese, and wow george clooney!! =0 I´m in shock! haha its amaaazing!

  4. The leo pic is the most convincing..I thought it was him! someone playing a joke???


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