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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bijin Tokei: Japanese Hot Girl Clock Gadget

Japan is known for many weird...well, I should say, unique inventions. But here's one that I believe many guys would like. Bijin Tokei is a japanese gadget that shows many Japanese girls holding the clock with the current time. Also known as, Hot girl clock. This so called hot girl clock feature a different picture of Japanese girl every minute. The same girl will pose for several minutes but it refreshes itself to a different girl very so often. Another thing about Bijin Tokei is that, next to the girl picture, you can see her little short profile. The profile will show her name, age, blood type, occupation, etc. Now, that's clever! I wouldn't mind having a guy version of this application ^_^

Here are some examples from the site...

For more info, visit their English site at: Bijin Tokei
Bijin Tokei is available for Igoogle and Windows Vista. To get the gadget, click here.
It is also available as an Iphone app. But I'll hold off on that and wait for the male version =P


  1. haha that's so clever!!

    great blog u have here!

  2. The male version is


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