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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Menard Saranari Skincare Review

Lately, my skin has gotten really dry and tight due to the cold weather. And my regular moisturizer doesn't seem to help at all. I came across a Japanese brand skincare called, Menard and bought the night cream from Menard's Saranari line. And to my surprised, it helps change my skin dramatically. Unlike my normal moisturizer, this cream sinks into my skin and keeps it so soft and moist throughout the night. When I woke up in the morning, I could feel a great difference in my's so soft and dewy. Right now this is my favorite night cream. Although, it comes with a big price tag :( But I guess it's true to certain extent that quality comes at a high price.

So what's so special about this skincare? Here's a short description found on
"SARANARI is a skincare line that enables you to establish your skin’s serene beauty that needs neither extravagant decorations nor jewelry. By saturating the skin with moisturizing ingredients such as Zymomonas Ferment Extract and GL II Extract, it replenishes the skin with ample moisture and elasticity which tend to decrease with the passage of time and the accumulation of damage caused by UV rays."

I bought this cream at an asian beauty store near where I live. Haven't seen a retail store online yet. But you can definitely do a google search for Menard Saranari Skincare to see what will come up :)

Here's the night cream I've been using:
Menard Saranari Skincare
This beauty cost $150 for 1.1 oz :(
I think it's a little more pricey than Creme de la Mer (another skincare I wanna try >.<)

The consistency is a little thick but not too thicky to the point where you feel stickiness. It smells kindna nice too.
Japan Menard Saranari Skincare

My favorite night cream at the moment. Definitely recommend to those with severe dry skin.

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  1. It is indeed very pricey... I'll look for it here in my country.. might be cheaper. :)


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