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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Eyebrow Shaping Tips

This is for the babes who wanna know how I shape my eyebrow. I actually did an eyebrow tutorial a while back but I don't like the pics on that one, so I'm doing a new one here. lol. But this one will be very basic, if you want a more details one check out my previous tutorial: How to shape your eyebrow.

Here's the basic chart to follow when shaping eyebrow:
Eyebrow Grooming Tips Tutorial

Eyebrow Shaping Tips Tutorial
There are several basic rules when it comes to shaping or grooming your eyebrow. And if you follow these rules correctly, it can help enhance your overall look.

Take out a straight object, be it an eyeliner, pencil, brush, or ruler and start with these 3 basic rules:
1) The starting point (line D on the chart) should aligned with the outer rim of your nostril.
2) The bridge or the highest point (line E) should aligned with the outer rim of your iris when you're looking straight forward.
3) The ending point (line F) should be aligned 45 degree from the outer rim of your nostril to the outer rim of your eyes.

* Try to visualize those points before you begin to draw or shape your eyebrow. If you're not use to it, you can make light dots on those points.

Eyebrow How To Tips Tutorial
4. Take an eyebrow pencil. Preferably one that's a little lighter than your eyebrow color. Begin to make the bottom outline of your eyebrow using very light and gentle stroke.
5. Repeat step 4 but this time do an upper outline.

How To Shape Your Eyebrow
6. Use an eyebrow powder and eyebrow brush to fill in your eyebrow. Starting on the middle point.
7-8. Gradually work toward the ending point. *Notice the way I held the brush. After filling the middle part with eyebrow powder, I didn't add anymore powder but just pulled the brush gently toward the end.

*I said eyebrow powder but I was actually using MAC eyeshadow in espresso. It works just fine!

How To Groom Your Eyebrow
9. After filling the middle and ending point go back to the starting point and begin filling out. Start with very little powder and gradually add more if needed.
10. Take a look at your overall result. Touch up missing spot with eyeshadow if needed. And if a spot is too dark, use a q-tip and gently dab on it. Do not rub. If you rub, the powder/eyeshadow will blend and make it look awful!

Nicely shaped eyebrows can positively enhance your overall look and draw the attention or focus to your eyes. Wish I've realized that before I decided to overplucked my eyebrows :(


  1. wow!! this tut is so nice.. very informative.. thanks.. i love your brows.. i'll try doing this one. :D

  2. wow great tutorial, you do an awesome job on your eyebrows!!!

  3. Ahhh its like you read my mind!!!
    I adore your eyebrows and I was just thinking to ask you about it... since Im growing out mine, thanks for this tut!

  4. ooo i like how u fill in ur brows!
    im really good at my right brow........
    but the left one wtf..
    they grow all weird!
    its like my left brow hairs grow longways and down wards..

    so because my bangs cover it the left side more, i don't put more effort into the left brow LOL.

  5. umm.. if you call that belly fat wait till you see mine! i not only that I got jello all over

    love the way your brow looks, you do it so well :)

  6. You have been drawing your brows since highschool! Gosh, I've read that you overplucked from your previous post, but girl! you draw it PERFECTLY!!!!

    How dare you! BELLY FAT!! HOW DARE YOU!!!! Mine is ELEPHANT inside my belly! hahaha

    and twin! even when you're tired afer a long day, you still look gorgeous!!!! You stole all the gorgeousness! I'm going to tell mom! LOL

  7. hehe yea I went mask crazy :) I'll do reviews once I start using them.

  8. eyebrows are still a challenge for me! I really like how your shape yours! What a cutie going to the gym hehe.

  9. You've got a perfect figure!! Hehe and you work out! So there's no worries~ Great eye brown tutorial, I like your eye makeup here.

    Btw, I'm shade YO02 for the LUnasol foundation.

  10. great tutorial! you look hawt going to the gym girl :) lol and your make up looks fab!! xoxo

  11. yay!! i'm going to bookmark this and try it out.. hehe.. thx babe! and you look great! i always have a belly fat no matter what i do! need to hit the gym more i suppose or stop eating fatty food.. =P not sure which one's the hardest thing to do.. haha.

  12. wow! thanks for the tutorial! your brows are perfect!

    you look cute with the outfit. :)

  13. Thanks for the tutorial! Your brows look great!

  14. Great tutorial, I'll try it this weekend~

  15. man, you need to see my belly fat before you say that. you don't even have any belly fat!!! so jealous...and i'm so lazy to go to the gym or even do a simple exercise =P

    this is a great tut! and i love your make-up!!

    stay gorgeous!! thanks for the comment you left me...that was sweet. hehe

  16. great post♥
    I'm going to shape my eye brows today

  17. I'm jealous... it's been ages since I hit the gym! & I'm paying every month haha.. grr..

  18. hahah... stop sucking your tummy. jk :P still young and sexy like westminster high school girls.


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