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Monday, May 4, 2009

Etude House BB Magic Cream Review

I got a bunch of BB Cream a little over two weeks ago and have been trying out different ones every single day. For each of them, I wore at least two times before doing the review just for quality insurance. hehe.

I've tried out almost all the BB creams from that haul except for some from the SKIN79 kit. The Etude House stood somewhere in the average range.

Here's a pic of me wearing Etude House...of course, this picture is touched up! The ones on the bottom are untouched ^^


Etude House Magic BB Cream Review

Here's the Etude House BB Magic Cream tube (35ml)
Korean BB Cream Review
Description on the package:
Etude House Moisturizing BB Magic Cream with Sun Protection.
BB Magic Cream offers natural looking coverage that nourishes, corrects skin tone and protects against sun damage.
Direction for use:
After facial cleansing, apply a small amount of product to hands and spread evenly across facial surface. Cream may give a whitish appearance upon initial application but will naturally blend with skin tone once lotion sets.

Unlike some other bb creams tube where you have to squeeze it out, this one takes a little pumping :)
Etude House BB Magic Cream Review
I actually preferred the tube where you can squeeze the product out. The pump makes it hard to control the amount that you wanna take out and it can get a little messy. If you're trying this remember a little goes a long way. Start with small amount first.

The consistency on this product is soft and light. It has yellow undertones.
Etude House BB Cream Before After Pictures

I wore this several times with makeup base, without makeup base and with moisturizer.
The thing about this product is it's a little tough to blend with moisturizer. It can leaves flaky residues like so....
Etude House BB Cream Swatches
But it's all really depends on your makeup base/moisturizer.
And if you blend it in well, the result can be really nice

Let's start with the NEGATIVES:
-I have dry to combination skin so it's a little oily on my cheeks....but this is fine for me since it's the same case with a lot of other products.
-Coverage is very minimum. The pictures is a little tough to see + my skin is already light so it makes it even harder...but it really doesn't do much to covers my blemishes. I have some very light freckles a little above my cheeks and this bb cream doesn't cover it up!

+Brightens up my face and makes it glow even with minimum coverage
+SPF 30
+Great for people with less blemishes and want natural glow to their face
+Inexpensive. It's selling online for anywhere between $10-18.

Overall, this is an average BB cream for me. I'm giving it a 3/5 rating.
I preferred SKINFOOD which is about the same price but the result is much better for me (review coming soon) and also LEGERE BB Creams.



  1. LOL I JUST commented you, and then I received your comment on my blog! What a cowinky dink!! Your skin is extremely flawless, I think everything would look nice on your skin hehe. You have such pretty eyes! XOXO

  2. ur hoodie is so cute!! thank goodness ur doing a series of reviews on bb creams.. since ive never used any so this is so helpful for me cuz i want to start trying some!! <3

  3. Great review (: I really like the Skinfood BB cream and want to try the Legere one too. I did find it a little hard to blend as well but in the end it turns out nice :P

  4. Thanks for the review doe eyes

    i have always been curious on how Etude Bb creams were...but Flakes!!!...EWW...and btw can we trade skins....your skin is like poreless....your have a face of a porcelain doll...*blink*blink*...

    btw are you down for the pow wow June 20th?...IMATS and korean BBQ


  5. Thanks for the review. Flakey foundation/moisturizers is not something attractive. I still want to try out more BB creams :)

  6. i think it actually looks good on you! i hate it when product flake.. but like you said it really depends how moisturized your skin is, it's the same with me! thanks for sharing!!

  7. That's a lot of flaking!! Weird... thanks for the review!

  8. Thanks for the review, I found all my BB creams except L'egire are oily!

  9. bleh flaking?? I agree that a good moisturizer minimizes flaking. Otherwise, it looks great on you! You have no pores!

  10. flaking? bleh...thanks for the review.

    you look so pretty as always! love your make-up in this post.

  11. i'd love to try this...if only they had bb creams in darker shades :(

  12. Gah, flaking? I've heard this BB is pretty good, the Japanese makeup guru Ikko loves it hahaha
    TY for this review~ It looks nice on you despite the flaking that happened. Can't wait to see your review on skinfood bb's :)

  13. definitely hate it when foundation/base makeup causes those flakes to show up - thanks for your review! can't wait to see what you think of Skinfood :)

  14. thanks for the review!! i soo want to try a BB but i have tons of products @ home i should probably use up first :P lol looking forward to your skinfood review!! xoxo ps: your skin looks flawless!

  15. wow its a tube with a pump! thanks for the review, if its not as good as legere then i won't get it haha. you saved me $$!

  16. which is your favorite BB cream???

  17. i tried the speedy total mineral base. it's 3-in-1. and it works great.

  18. hi, i wanna ask you , pleaseeeeeeeee... if you can writte the ingredients of etude bb Magic Cream please, thanks a lot.

  19. Hi! I think ur an Eh fan ;)) Where do you buy EH products? At Department stores or n Ebay. Can you please help me, Im looking for a TRUSTED EH product Ebay seller, they said its cheaper in Ebay. Please Pm about this
    i havent buy anything n Ebayy so it is my first time :)) More power! Im looking forward to your next make up/skin care reviews

  20. I tried this using a sample in their store, I was surprised to pump out a lot that the cream spurted into somebody else's face! I don't like that it was meant to be pumped rather than to be squezzed, but nevertheless it matched my skin tone. But not the mineral ones, its too light for my skin.

  21. Hi,..
    i've been thinking if i should buy this or not,.
    because when i tried this in Etude's testers, the effect was great, but its kinda have this weird smell,.like my Banana Boat Sunblock and it makes me think that, "Am i only wearing a Sunblock?.,.because i can smell the Sunblock in it, but if you'd not mind the weird smell at all, afterwards you can see that you'll have this Moisturized and Flawless skin, imagine like 2 in 1, a Foundation with a Sun Protection or Sunblock, woOwWw,.amzing right, you would not only look beautiful but your also saving your skin from Sun Damage.,.hope to have this in my collection, because in my Blogsite, i'm almost done, just adding up my finishing touches with it,..
    This is my Frist Blogsite,.hope you could visit and drop a comment, so i would know what you think,.cOz i'm willing to learn.

  22. Hi there! I also have that flaky residue whenever i use this BB cream. what do u recommend? thanks! I SO love your skin! :)

  23. Hey, I was wondering if which BB cream would you recommend for girls with oily skin?

  24. Looks like a good product! I will definitely try it :)

  25. I recently just bought one and they dont have the circle logo on top i'm scared it might be fake. please email me and tell me what you think thanks.


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