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Monday, April 27, 2009

Kirkland Borghese Age Defying Wrinkle Defense Serum Review

I want to share with you gals one of my favorite skincare products that I've been using religiously for months now.

First time I saw and heard of this product was when I went to Costco to get their brush set. The lady that work there offered me a bunch of samples from Kirkland Borghese brand. And one of the samples that got me liking from the start is the Borghese Age Defying Wrinkle Serum. The texture of this product is so soft. It's the softest I've ever felt in any products! It's a velvet serum that when apply it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and amazingly soft.
Kirkland Anti Aging Serum

Kirkland Anti Aging Serum

This product got me at first try. So what I did was went back and get more and more and MORE. I even got several for gifts. The bf also got this for his mom. The amazing is, everyone I ever recommended it to, ADORED it just as much as I do.

Here is a little info on my favorite product:

It is made by Borghese, a very reputable makeup/skincare company that was "Built on a heritage that dates back to the 14th century when people first sought the healing waters of the Tuscan Earth, Borghese was the first to respect the synergy between health and nature, luxury and science." You can learn more about the company through HERE.
The Age-Defying Wrinkle Defense Serum is formulated to:

  • Advanced complex to help firm and smooth way wrinkles
  • Skin looks more youthful and vibrant
  • Dermatologist tested
  • For all skin types
The key ingredients found in the serum are:

  • Aloe
  • Olive fruit extract
  • Wheat bran extract
  • Vitamin C
Why I Like This Product:
+It has a velvet texture. It's so soft and light that when apply on my face, I feel like I'm a baby all over again hehe.
+Very easy to blend. Again, the soft texture made blending so easy and effortlessly.
+Great for makeup base. I'd preffered this over bareVitamins Prime Time Foundation Primer. If you've used bareVitamins Prime Time Foundation Primer, you'd notice how soft the primer is but this one is even better. You should definitely try this if you like BV primer.
+Has antiaging properties.
+Can be use both day and night.

Why I Don't Like The Product:
+Availability. So far, I only know Costco carry this. But knowing Costco, this product can be discontinued any time. I'm praying that day won't come =/ You can also do a google search and get this online. But sometimes online stores increased the price ridiculously. So do some research before buying it. I got this for around $20 at Costco. I've seen an online store sell the same version for as much as $30. WTH >:[

I absolutely LOVE this product!

Check it out girls!!! You won't regret it!!!


  1. wow.. is this how you maintain your good skin? $20 anti-aging serum definitely worth a try, thanks for sharing~~

  2. thanks for the tip. i'll check it out at costco next time i go!! :) LOVE your eyes!

  3. Wow, great find! I may have to try and find this since your skin always look gorgeous. :0)

  4. Thanks for the review! I was going to go to Costco this afternoon but changed my mind last minute, good thing I didn't cuz now I saw your post :) I'll be stopping Costco tomorrow to check this out!

  5. Wow twin! so that is your secret to your lovely skin??? Now, do I have to fly there just to get to costco??? And try to push your friends and family who's trying to purchase too? hehehe Thanks for the review! You are gorgeous!! as always!

  6. i wanna get my ass to costco too but im not a member! so this product costs less than $30? u didnt liste the price! anyways why r u soo pretty! u have a slight dimple too hehe =)

    i have been to vietnam.. like many times! but u kno i never went there to actually explorer.. just cuz my mom drags me with her.. but i wanna go back this time to actually explorerr Haha =)


  7. ooo also I just checked my mail from today and Costco actually sent a coupon book for May (5/11 to 5/31) and they have a $5 coupon for this serum! :D If any of you didn't get the coupon you could always ask them to apply the coupon at the register.

  8. Lulu,

    THanks so much. Gotta stock up now :))

  9. wow, sounds great! Too bad it's not available here. Thanks for the review.

  10. Costco has everything now! They're gonna take over the world! xD Good review~ Your skin looks very smooth.

  11. your skin looks really smooth and flawless!! it must be working ;) thanks for sharing!

  12. ooooh.. now this i want to try.. hehe.. thx for the review! =)

  13. $20 for a big ol bottle of serum like that?! Whoa! Thats a steal! Serums are usually so much more expensive!

    thx for the review! i seen this before @ costco but didnt look twice at it. Nwo I will.

  14. Aww, you look so kawaii with the blue liner ^_^ Wow, this serum looks amazing, and at an affordable price too! I have never heard of Kirkland before, looks interesting :D

  15. I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing

  16. I love this product too, but recently visited Costco,Chingford,UK., March 2010 and was told it is no longer available but new products will replace it. Meanwhile I would like to know the cheapest place to buy it. Any suggestions?

  17. Hi,

    You can get it online at

    Or search on Amazon. They have decent price too.

    Good luck :)

  18. Well, looking at you, I am sure this product has to be really effective...I shall surely try it out

  19. Everything she says, I've found to be true...I'm 56 and need all the help I can get. I have received SEVERAL compliments since using this...including from my husband(!!) who said..."Your complexion looks really good. Did you get your skin peeled or something?" (an expert he's not, but he noticed!)
    The texture is UNIQUE. It is so smooth, you expect it to be greasy, but it isn't.

  20. Well here it is, almost July of 2011 and Costco has done the unthinkable......they have discontinued this product! I have been using it since it first came into existence at Costco and by far the best product I have ever used. I am 65 and take care of my skin.....I don't know what I am going to do without it.

  21. Do you know of a similar product?

  22. EVERYONE, including me loves this product and now Costco has discontinued it. The eye cream, night cream and moisturizer by Kirkland Borghese are still available. What on earth are they thinking?!?!? I hate to start a new search for another product (sigh) . . .


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