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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How To Cut or Trim Your Own Bangs

I've attempted to cut my own bangs before and it was a horrible disaster. Although, I wanna try again. So here I am, bored at home...I'm browsing through the internet for appropriate ways to cut my own bangs and I came across this:

She looks like she knows what she's doing...

And then this....I seriously thought the girl is gonna poke her own eyes!! OMG!!! How can she do that without pulling the hair away from her eyes?? bad example!

Here's a good one. Ever imagine how Angelina Jolie looks like cutting her own bangs? Well, imagine no

What do you girls think? Should I try to cut my own bangs? Have you ever cut or trim your own bangs? Was it successful? O_O
I'm scared :(
Maybe I'll have one of you cut my bangs for me ^^ hehe


  1. I usually trim and cut my own bangs, but it does take a lot of practice and I suggest you go layer per layer. Do not cut all the way and remember not to raise your brows while cutting! LOL When I was younger, I had my brows raised (I didn't know) and ended up with a very very short bangs! :)

    I think you can do it but you are gorgeous the way your hair looks now! :)

  2. i'm too coward and still coward to try to cut my bangs. haha xD

    lol, I've once cut it and ewww,screwed! the bangs turn to be more messy and look like mouse bite? haha xD

  3. I have trimmed my bangs before, but it came out okay. I snip upwards a little bit at a time. I think you should try =), but not to short!

  4. When I had bangs, I always trimmed my own in between hair visits. It's very easy to me at least. hehe =))

    If you're a newbie at it, I would suggest cutting it longer and then gradually going shorter.

  5. I personally wouldn't cut it myself, unless I needed to "restyle" by trimming it. My sister cut my bangs for me a couple winters ago, and it was TERRIBLE :(

  6. I've cut my own bangs before and it turn out decent.. haha but I swear having bangs they grow out soo damn fast!!! but just experiment around and cut very little at a time so that you dont go over board and make it really short.. and remember if your going to wet ur hair then cut that you have to make it a little long cause when your hair is dry it tends to be a little shorter than when its wet! hope that helps! and good luck!!!!

  7. Thanks for the tips ladies!!!!

    This got me really excited to cut my own bangs now.

    Waaahhhhh I didn't know so many of you have attempted O.O

  8. My husband usually trims my bang and he's pretty good at it :)

  9. I always trim my hair, but i find it difficult to trim the bangs. I did watch quite a few trim bang tutorials from Youtube and tried to follow the tips, it just never came out good as the bangs my hairstylist did for me. Oh..well, I'll just stick with my fake bangs.

  10. I used to always trim my bangs in highschool :D Cos the stylist I had didn't know what she was doing, and after growing it out some for a few months, I trimmed it myself and I think I did a better job than she did lol Nowadays, I just let my hair grow and let my new stylist (an infinitely better one) do my hair however she likes :D

  11. i trim my side bangs all the time.. u can check out my vid.

    dont mind the music.. I had to switch it out from YT's stash of music so completely took away my talkign at the end.. but u get the idea.

  12. Mel,

    Thanks girl! I'll check it out right now!

  13. i've tried. i was better at it when i was a teen,lol. last time i tried, wasn't so nice.

    btw, that angelina vid was funny ^_^

  14. i'm terrible at cutting my own hair so i never do it. i hope it works out well for you!

  15. oooh i've been trimming mine for quite some time. i cut mine using the technique for full bangs but i keep it long so i can sweep it to the side. haha it takes some getting used to and you have to be patient. coz one time i ended up snipping most of my hair and it looked uneven.

    here's the video of the one i find most easy to follow and very effective. you can actually make it shorter or longer than what she did. when i first saw the video i was a bit doubtful coz she looked like she didn't know what she was doing but i followed what she did and it worked. hahaha the best way to groom them though is with blowdrying or even using a flat iron. my bangs are so annoying, they never follow me.

  16. i have cut my own bangs. side swept ones are a whole lot easier than the straight across, takes time most def. it's a hit or miss for me lol

  17. i really think bangs look beautifu on you. i think you need purrrfect bangs the bang trimming tool and kit.. :) you can see the tutorials also on youtube:)
    i love your blog its so cute!


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