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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BB Cream Haul


Hey gals, sorry for the lack of update. Work has pulled me into many directions. I'm still in one piece though.

Quick message for those who emailed me and haven't heard a response, please kindly email me again. Mr. SPAM has been raping my poor Inbox so I wasn't able to get to the emails that was sent to me. I've placed a restraining order against him so everything should work fine now...or until he finds another way to get in. lol.

Anyway, today is a quick update. Just wanna let you gals in on my little excitement...
Mr. Postman really pleased me today....look at all the loves he delivered to me.....<333 BB Cream Blemish Balm

I got all these from a seller in Korea. Shipping is amazingly fast! Everything came in perfect condition in less than 10 days. The seller is wonderful too.
BB Cream Blemish Balm

I will do reviews & comparisons on these BB creams later.

Check out the seller's Ebay store. The prices are very competitive with a wide selection of BB cream to choose from. Let her know I sent you & ask for combine shipping & all the good stuffs!!!

For all you BB cream lovers, what's your favorite?? I'd love to know so I could try it!!!


  1. ur skin is sooo flawless! cant wait to see the reviews... wuts ur mac shade before? all i know is im a NW25 concealer.. i wanna try bbcream but i mite b a lil too tan for it.. im thinkin mayb the misha bb cream 23 willl work... wut u think?


  2. WOW! Amazing haul! I just ordered some bb creams too. I'm thinking if I shud order more =X

    I love SF Aloe and DrJart (black), but DrJart is a bit dark, but I still love the texture! Can't wait for your reviews!!


  3. thats a lot of BB creams.

    I loveeee BB creams. But those BB creams look super natural on you.

    only 10 days to get to u ? wow amazing.

    thanks for sharing!

  4. Nice haul girl!! You've done a great job, haha.

  5. Gorgeous twin!!!! I missed you!!!!!! Wonderful BB cream samples and hauls!!! That would make me super happy too!!!

  6. flawless as always! I wish I could use BB cream, but I think I'm a LITTLE TOO TAN! I still want to find a sample to try out though xD I need that closure LOL

    tell me how that mini set works out for you :D Maybe I'll purchase that to try out.. :)

  7. YAY BB Creams! 10 days huh? I bought from the same seller more than 10 days ago and I'm still waiting on my Lioele BB cream. Hopefully it'll be here by the end of the week! I'm looking forward to your reviews :D

  8. Hi!! =D
    Damn, i went crazy on bb creams last year. Out of the bb creams you bought, I tried the Skinfood Aloe, BRTC Perfect recover, Etude House BB Magic spf 30, and the Lioele beyond the solution. My ultimate favorite bb cream has to be the etude house because it's lightweight, easy to blend, feels like butter and gives a dewy finish--love that bb cream! 2nd would be the skin food aloe.

    Coogi flowertox bb cream is pretty good as well =] but it has a slight pinkish undertone. It controls oilies, gives a medium coverage and a dewy finish. =D

    For darker skin gals, I recommend the Missha Watery BB Cream, it's the darkest bb cream I've tried but the coverage is on the sheer side (those who just want to even out their skin tone--this is perfect). It's very lightweight and gives a dewy finish as well =)

    <3 your blog. I stumbled on it when I googled aspirin mask. I stopped using it after I read your take on it and the link on MUA. Thank you =D


  9. My favorite is Missha Perfect Cover No. 23 BB Cream. I’ve gotten lots of compliments whenever I wear it.

    Thanks for giving us this link, I’ll be ordering some items from her too!

  10. That's a lot of BB creams! I can't wait to hear your reviews on all of them and I mean ALL of them... hehe~ :P

  11. damn that's a lot of BB creams! xD

    the etude house looks fab on you!! skin's looking flawless!

  12. can't wait to see some reviews! i tried ONE bb cream and i was totally turned off by it. but seeing as u got a truck load, i wanna know what u have to say =)

  13. my falsies were red cherry number 38 i believe.

  14. wow! your skin looks flawless!

    i only have one BB cream for now, it's the Legere multi white bb cream. it's awesome & i love it!

  15. that's a lot of BB creams! Can't wait for the reviews!

  16. excellent bb cream haul! I like the Legere (in a silver tube) and Skinfood Aloe bb cream...Legere has really good coverage, but the Skinfood feels lighter on my skin :)

    I hear the Liole bb cream is a very popular one and gets a lot of raves :)

  17. Your skin is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love BB Cream!!! I just have to add a few drops of MAC MSF to make it match my skin tone...

  18. Nice BB cream haul!! Wow, you got a lot! And your skin is already flawless too. :) Can't wait to see your reviews.

    So far I've only used one BB cream - Missha Perfect Cover. I got the darkest shade, but it's still too light for me. But I make it work by adding a little of my foundation to it before applying it... then it looks great! I stole the idea from Kendall hehehe. :)

  19. such an awesome haul!!! soo exciting :) heh let us know how it goes!! ps your skin is fab!! xoxo, bev

  20. You got a whole shit ton of BB creams! Nice variety too!!

    Your skin looks awesome, not that it doesn't usually =P!!

    I'm actually in Cali already! I got in yesterday morning! Right now, I'm sitting in my ex's apt in Riverside. It's so far away from everything! We've been sitting in traffic and driving a couple hrs round trip for good food >.<.

    My body? Hahhaa. I look skinny, but I'm not tone at all haha. I try though, sometimes =P. Ahem, YOUR boobs hahaha.

    I found that "bitch" wine at Whole Foods. I drank it back when I didn't really know a thing about wines. But I remember it being kinda dry and not too sweet. For reds I usually prefer cabernet savignons and I really don't remember what the "bitch" wine was. I <3 the bottle though! haha

    Yeah, I don't think one can ever have a large enough closet haha.

  21. hey
    i recently got the bb magic cream too and it works really well =)


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