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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wedding Makeup Tutorial

This is a requested tutorial for this LOOK

1. To get this look, I started with a fresh face. Applied toner & moisturizer.
2. I let the moisturizer absorb into the skin for several minutes then applied Bare Escentuals Prime Time. This is a foundation primer. It's made to use with bareMineral foundation, however I found it works just as well with any other foundation that I used. The texture is very smooth. It leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

3. Apply foundation all over face. I used Clinique Superbalanced Makeup foundation.

Then I used a sponge to evenly blend the foundation. Don't forget your neck!!!

4. Conceal those blemishes. I'm using concealer by American Beauty. It's a liquid based concealer that's so light yet you'll be amazed at how well it conceals imperfections. It comes in 6 shades. Get it at Kohls for only $12.50.

5. After the concealer dried,  I applied Enprani powder on top to set the foundation.

6. Prep your eyes with eye makeup base. I used Clinique touch tint for eyes. This thing works well for me as I like the little shimmer particles it gives; if you're matte person this may not works for you. It comes in a tiny tube yet you only need a teeny bit of it each time.

7. Use a black eyeliner to line the top and bottom lash lines. Try to line eyes as close to the lashes as possible. This gives you that dramatic look.

8. Apply eyeshadow. I'm only using two shades (pictured above) since the eye base was already applied and served to brighten the browbone.
-Starting with Star Violet...going from the outer corner of your lids working towards the inner corner. Blend the color all over lids starting from the outer corner. Avoid the browbone area.

9. Next use Beauty Mark and shade the outer corner. Slowly bring it in toward the inner corner. Shade the eye area like the orange part pictured below.

10. Apply glitter eyeliner to brighten the eyes and make it pop! I'm using Urban Decay in baked bronze.

11. Trace the eyelines again with a liquid eyeliner. I used K-palette One Day Tattoo for this look. Afterward, apply false eyelashes. Use a mascara to brush both the falsies and natural lashes together to make it appear natural looking.
12. Apply blush & lipgloss/lipstick

Final look:

Sorry the color on some of the pictures are way off. I took these pictures at night time and I kept switching the flash and other modes.  Have fun beautifying yourself :D


  1. this is so pretty, sis! :) im gonna try to look for that clinique eye tint here.. thanks thanks!

  2. Finally a tutorial from you!!! Jezz woman! LOL, anyways, great look! I love it!!!!!!!!

    ps. love your luscious lips!!

  3. you are definitely the hottest blogger ever! i totally love this look on you..haha and you don't even need makeup based on your bare faced photo. your gorgeous like that! i hate you! hahahhaa.. :)

  4. Very pretty and simple! I love how your falsies look so natural. And I've been meaning to get Beautymarked for the longest time, too!

  5. My bosom buddddddy!!!
    Psssh you're hot even without makeup wtf -- what gives @_@

    love your lil tutorial, and um..psssh thanks for sharing what color foundations and concealers.. HINT HINT
    - you know for us dumb bunnies =)

  6. Girl girl girl! I love your tut! and your skin is superb!!!!!! Super flawless!!!!! Twin!!! I am so happy to call you my twin you sexy gorgeous girl!!!!! :P Happy weekend!

  7. what lip gloss/lipstick are you wearing? really pretty look!

  8. This is beautiful! Love the falsies, they look so natural!

  9. Beautiful! Lovely, now a video? :p

  10. WOW-This is just perfect!!!
    Im trying out some different looks for the upcoming wedding Im about to attend this year. Thanks for sharing this!!!

    You look lovely!

  11. Hey girl, I just use my Sony T77 camera. :] Not bad!

  12. Hello anonymous,

    I used smashbox lovely wicked lipgloss in coy. It's a very lovely color as well as taste. Yep, I tasted it. I know. EW.

  13. Wow! what a gorgeous look. thanks for sharing. :)

  14. oh wow i cant believe how well that foundation gives coverage!! im scared to put on foundatoin.. i use mineral foundation.. never anythin else.. ur lookin great! ur eyes r soo cute tooo

  15. You are so sexy! I love how pretty this look is! Your skin looks great with and w/o makeup! American Beauty makes good concealer?! Who woulda thought!

  16. Great tutorial! I still need to find myself a Beauty Marked dupe.

  17. Hi!
    I have a question for you.
    I don't know why, but every time I line my bottom waterline my eyes end up looking smaller than they really are. Do you know how to avoid this?

    PS: I really like your blog. Keep up the good work!

  18. i saw that you use barevitamins prime time (which i used to use), but i appreciated your awesome step-by-step and i wanted to tell you about the primer i recently switched to. i'm not normally a drug-store buyer, but i bought sally hansen natural beauty's luminizing face primer (created by carmindy) and i'm raving over it. it makes my skin feel like silk and i've been using way less foundation. it also gives me the ethereal glow i always want (withouth looking greasy with my oily skin.) check it out!

  19. ^^ nice eyemakeup. i have Mac Beautymarket too, but its seems to be really hard to blend velvet finishes out. T_T

  20. ok, cool... i just added up fresh emo backgrounds in my blog

  21. What shade are you using for the foundation??

  22. It’s really very helpful..
    Thank you this blog...

  23. Really this make up suits on you.
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  24. what kind of lashes did you use? I reallllly like them!

  25. hi i need your help.i had a pimple scars on face and just want to know is any idea how to cover my pimple scars for a simple make up? thanks.

  26. HI!!! i love the look! can u tell me what shade of the clinique foundation you used? THANK YOU!!!!


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