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Friday, January 23, 2009

Revlon Glue On Nails Review

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The Fashion. The Style. The Beauty. French perfection starts here. Naturally Chic offers beautiful, natural looking nails that will make you feel confident and sexy!

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Who needs a full set when you can grab these glue on nails for a little less than $10? Yep, I can't believe how natural looking these nails are. They look like I just had a full set french for $75 plus. I've never actually tried glue on nails before although I came across many brands in drugstores. I always thought that glue on nails would look really fake and I hate the idea of gluing your own nails and all the mess that comes with it. But I'm quite impressed with these nails. My friends couldn't believe me when I told them their glued on and that they would last up to three weeks!

So What do I like about it?
-It's quick and easy to put on. Not as hard as my initial thought. You basically buff your nail lightly with the included file. Apply an even layer of glue on your nail as well as the artificial nail. Press the artificial nail against your nail firmly for 5 seconds. And you're set to go!
-Long lasting. A set lasted about 2-3wks for me depending on how well you maintained it.
-A box comes with 36 nails in 18 sizes so you're sure to find ones that fit your nails perfectly.
-Comes off easily and my nails are still looking healthy after it's off. However, this varies as it really depends on how much glue you put on your nails and how you put it on. I do have some coarse looking nails the first several tries.
-Cheap. A box cost $8-10. You can get up to more than 1 set out of one box and one set can last up to 3 weeks.
-Availability. They're available at many major drugstores.

What I don't like about this product?
-Can leave little bubbles on your nails. As I've mentioned above, to make it looking natural is really depend on how well you place the fake one on the real one. But practice makes perfect!
-If you look REALLY CLOSELY, you can tell it's glue on.
-Not all the nails fit perfectly so you do have to file them according to your original nail shape.

Will I recommend and repurchase?
-Yes! Who wouldn't want a cheap alternative to a regular trip to the nail salon? Imagine all the $$$ I would save. I recommend it for anyone who wants great looking nails without spending big bucks.


  1. SOLD!!!!

    they look soooo goood!


    omg, thank u for doing this review!

    i honest would of NEVER thought of getting press-on nails now days. I use to do this when i was like 10!

    *running to CVS to grab a box*

  2. hey gorgeous! thank u so much for ur comment! ohh, those fake nails are sooo pretty! they look super natural. you are beautiful, ur skin is like milk! :)

  3. Twin! those look natural! I've tried those other brands and it looks so weird on me and obviously fake! Yours look soooo pretty! and I love your FOTD, you are pretty as evah!!!!

  4. wow these look nice! so it doesn't damage your nails? that's why i never wanted to get my nails done, because of how other people's nails looked like when they came off haha

    do you have to cut your real nails short to prep? hah. i know nothing about this stuff :P

  5. i agree with yumyumsushi. i was always scared to get fake nails cuz they damage the nails.

    do these nails u are using damage your nails? is it hard to remove? im curious :) thankee for the review. these nails look REALLY nice compared to all the other fake nails out there!

  6. Those are so elegant and pretty~~ :D Suits you really nicely.

  7. Those are so elegant and pretty~~ :D Suits you really nicely.

  8. Wow they look so nice and natural and I can't believe they last that long! That's crazy!

    I think Costa Mesa Mitsuwa is pretty nice but I notice they're not as well stocked as Torrance and some of the items are about $1 more. Overall, it's pretty good so might not be worth the trip for you to Torrance, but if you're ever in the area, check out the Torrance one! It's always well stocked, whereas sometimes when I go to Costa Mesa they're low or out of things...booooo.

    Check your e-mail!

    P.S. You have such big, round eyes!! So pretty. =)

  9. i wrote a new blog. if you would like, please go read it. its in regards to merlot!

  10. hey pretty lady! :D

    quick and easy nails? i need to go snag some!

  11. Good grief, those are so pretty! I've never had fake nails before but I may just try these! :D

  12. your nails look pretty! and you look sweet on the pictures :-D haha

  13. WOW! Great nails! Mine never looked like that when I tried them =/
    I needa kick my evil nail bitting habit and acrylics get soOoo expensive!

    ...I may have to retry them!!!


  14. Look so natural!
    For that price, it's worth it.

  15. wow, your nails look so pretty and natural!

  16. It trick me too when I saw your nails! I thought it was acrylic! Very pretty, I gotta get some for myself!

  17. oooo QUICK & EASY.... i like that.

    thank god for these, because acrylics are absolute torture to the dang nail bed. grrr.

    time to pick up a few boxes =) thanks for the review mama!

  18. I know this blog is kind of old but I just tried these out last night and aside from me getting nail glue all over my fingers (I got it all off today though...luckily) they look GREAT!

  19. I love my glue on nails. Check out my recent post on them!


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