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Monday, December 8, 2008

Merlot Natural Grape Seed Moisturizer Review

Merlot Grapeseed Moisturizer Review

I've read great reviews on this moisturizer and I must say, I like this moisturizer too!  It's not the best but it's decent for the price.

Just for clarity, the one I got from Walgreens does not have SPF 15. I preferred this one because I normally wear sunblock on top of my moisturizer. Plus, you can use it both AM & PM.
Here's a brief description:

  • Anti-wrinkle, antioxidant.
  • All natural.
  • Paraben free.
  • Merlot is made of natural red grape seed polyphenols.
  • It offers sensational antioxidant properties thereby helping to inhibit the aging process.
  • Merlot is fragrance free, non-oily, absorbs quickly.


Purified Water , Petrolatum , Stearic Acid , Grape Seed Extract - Vitis Vinifera , Cetyl Alcohol , Glyceryl Stearate , Matricaria Flower Extract - Chamomilla Recutita , Comfrey Leaf Extract - Symphytum Officinale , Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice , Tocopherol , Dimethicone , Phenoxyethanol , Carbomer , Grape Seed Mask , Sodium Hydroxide , Methylisothiazolinone

Merlot Grapeseed Moisturizer Review

The moisturizer:
(looks yummy eh?)
Merlot Grapeseed Moisturizer Review

Overall, I think this moisturizer is decent for its price. You can use it day or night alone or under makeup. It's very light and it feels cool on your skin. It's the same cooling affect like placing a cucumber slice on your eyes or forehead. It absorbs quickly into your skin and does not leaves a greasy or sticky feeling like many moisturizers. The scents is nice (according to me, of course). The downside of this product is that it's not as moisturizing as other expensive ones I've tried.  If you have dry skin, this product may not help in keeping the dryness away.  The other problem I have with this moisturizer is the packaging/container.  It's not very sanitize as you have to dip your fingers/sponge into the jar.  But aside from that, this is a great starter moisturizer for only $14. Get your here: CLICK HERE

Anyway, I was influenced by all the Twilight madness these past weeks that I went and got my own Twilight Saga Collection!!!! But how come I'm not so addicted to it like most of you???!!! The first day, I read through half of the first book searching for that addictive part....but I fell asleep instead :( So all you Twilight lovers out there, tell me when will the good part comes?  Merlot Grape seed Moisturizer Review

On a happier note, my skin begins clearing up and it's looking better. Whooohoooo
Thanks to the gorgeous Kimberly because I've been using the Ly-Na cream she sent to me. Luv you babe xoxo. ***update***LY NA CREAM is Dangerous ***READ HERE***

Beside the Ly-Na cream are other goodies I've won from her contest several weeks ago that I didn't have time to post up till now. I luv the card!!! It's the cutesttttt ever. Uhmm...she said that scarf is handmade by her.... What a talent!


  1. It looks like yogurt! Yum~

    Your skin looks so smooth and radiant~ :]

  2. wow! I love love love your photo!!!!! You look super pretty! Now I want to resign as your twin *pouts* Congrats again for winning, i am so proud of you!!!!

  3. oooo Tao got me to buy that damn cream too and i love it. And i love how it's so "cool feeling" and a yummy creamy purpleeee.....

    and yay you smell like an old asian lady and it looks GOOD ON YAH.

    glad you love the prizes mama, enjoy! enjoy and ENJOY!!!

  4. Hey Pa! I read through the "Twilight" book as well. It gets good towards the end at least for me... lol~ :P I'm still waiting for the second, third, and fourth book to come in from Amazon.

    I see that you got colored contacts. Your eyelashes look good! :)

  5. despite the fact that you have colored contacts on & that the response should be LOOK AT MY EYES, since it is very demanding, i can't help but LOOK AT YOUR SKIN!! wow! it's so flawless! i'm droolinnngggg

  6. despite the fact that you have colored contacts on & that the response should be LOOK AT MY EYES, since it is very demanding, i can't help but LOOK AT YOUR SKIN!! wow! it's so flawless! i'm droolinnngggg

  7. i must try ly-na cream too!!! ^__^ your skin is gorgeous!

  8. I have soo been wanting to get his, but IDK why i ALWAYS pass it up! hmm hohpefuul after xmas ...
    And Im not too into the twilight thingie either so its okay lol!
    Congrats on winning earlier :)
    you r face looks flawless!

  9. Your skin looks radiant! Congrats on winning!

  10. Darn you and your perfect skin!!! *runs away* I'm dealing with my severe acne scarring at the moment...T.T

    I'm glad you are liking the product though! cough *I'm jealous of your skin* cough LOL!

  11. The handmade card is so cute!!! Very Lolita.

    I have dry skin & I use the Merlot moisturizer too...but you're right, it's not super moisturizing so now that it's winter I either apply it twice or I just use the night cream because it's much thicker. =) It worked for me when the weather was warmer though.

    I'm not sure yet if I'm gonna buy something to wear for the pow wow...let me dig through my closet and then I'll let you know. Maybe we could go shopping at South Coast Plaza and Westminster mall! I haven't been to the H&M at South Coast yet. =P

  12. Ooh, I just bought the merlot moisturizer today, I glad to read another good review on it. I envy you! I want the twilight series...hope u find the good part soon!

  13. hey love, You dont need cream to reduce wrinkles!!! YOu still soooo young!!!!!!! hehehe, to me you will always look beautiful even with wrinkles! hehe, well for my contacts, the one i am wearing is fun contacts, no prescriptions.

    But the one with prescriptions are pretty expensive for me, since my eyes visions are special kinds. One time i had to pay almost $300 for it. But if you just have regular far sight or near sight, then it wont be that expensive.

    Maybe it will cost you around $70-80. Here is another advice, ask your Dr. if you can have trial lenses. Because if you bought the contacts already, and turns out that they irritates your eyes. You might not want to wear them anymore. Because thats what happen to me. My eyes get irritates in like an hour for wearing them. Thats y i dont like wearing contacts much. But not everyone are like that. Some ppl are perfectly fine with it. Just try wearing the trial ones and see if it suits you!

    For cheaper contacts, you can pretty much buy it anywhere as long as you have the prescriptions, try buying them at Walmart or Costco. A lot of ppl told me its cheap there. Hope this helps you! =]

  14. OMG! I know how you feel about 'Twilight'. I didn't quite get interested until 200 or so pages in. It got a little better. But, still not my favorite book. I really enjoyed the rest thought! But 'Twilight' gives you like an INTRO to all the other books.

    I thought I was the only one having trouble! I think it's because of the RAVE for it by everyone, that our expectations for the ADDICTING part would come sooner. Anyhoo, best of luck! Definitely read the rest of the saga though!


  15. ooh.. you look so different.. so glowy! and ur hair looks lighter.. so radiant babes!! roar =)

  16. I heard Merlot is not good for acne prone skin?

  17. HAHAH!
    The good part doesn't come until the 2-4th books! =) And yes, they are signed on for the next book movies already! I'm kinda glad the series ended but I really wanna know MORE about them. She might finish 'Midnight Sun' but I heard she might not. So, we shall seee...

    I'm glad you got at least a few tshirts! Check out my page for the HUDSON warehouse sale this Fri/Sat =) Planning to go??

  18. p.s: if u cant see my blog please email me so i can invite u (and leave ur blog link as well) <33333

  19. Wait, what?! You were breaking out? I couldn't tell at all! I've been dealing with breakouts too lately. I hate that I'm clear for 3 weeks, and all of a sudden get slammed with multiple. It's not even due to my period!

    The first book is a little slow because you're getting familiar with everything/everyone. It does a good job depicting the beginning of the relationship. But the books get better and better and better!!! The fourth is by far my favorite. The first one is a bit over-hyped. But I love the third and fourth book so much it makes up for it =P. Keep reading!

  20. For me the best part of the book was the chapter "confessions" or was it just "confession".. anyways yeah that part..=]

    You make me wanna buy that moisturizer since it's lighter than what I use now. It seems like it doesn't make ur skin oily, right? My skin has become oily and I hate it.

  21. ive dying to get my hands on the merlot natural grape seed moisturizer! :(

    and twilight is really good :) i promise :) just keep at it and keepr eading, the good part will come! :) and if you're too lazy to read the book (like my sister) just watch the movie ;) edward cullen in it is super duper hot ;) lol

  22. Hey PA! Sorry about leaving abruptly on our conversation. I don't want to get descriptive, but I thought it was a quick bathroom break. I was wrong!... lol~ :X

  23. I do the same thing Paperdolrevenge does - some days the Merlot isn't enough for my skin, so I use a little of the night cream on my cheeks/jawline in addition to the regular day moisturizer. I think it'll be perfect for summer though! your skin looks so glowy and pretty!

  24. Ooh I just bought that Merlot moisturizer today! The one I got doesn't have SPF either, but I sort of like that. I want to be able to use it at night too! Excited to try it.

    Haha I think it's awesome you bought the whole Twilight saga. Personally I loved it from the beginning. Sorry you're not addicted yet! Just keep reading, you might love it by the end. :)

  25. You remind me of Lil' Kim. =)

  26. i am a teenie upset right now. i bought this moisturizer about 8 months ago and have been using it dAILY! the walgreens lady gave me a pamphlet and it said this had spf in it and said not to worry.

    i believed her and have been using this WITHOUT spf in it.

    now i know why i gotten a tad darker and feel as if my face got OLD!!!!



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