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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

TOO FACED Friends & Family Sale 25% OFF

TOO FACE cosmetics Friends Family Sale Coupon

TOO FACED is having Friends & Family Sale. Take 25% off entire online purchase plus FREE SHIPPING for a limited time on online orders.

Use code: TFFriends
Expires: 12/3/08
Click here to shop


  1. Pa I was invisible and in the kitchen when I got the message.

  2. thanks for this love i will sure buy the insurance eye shadow base! hehe

  3. Oh my gosh, ahhhhhhhh another makeup sale, lol. To buy or not to buy...hmm! Thanks for sharing, dollface!!

  4. Man I really need to stay away from you blog =P EVerytime I see ur updates it makes me want to SHOP! lol

    Anyways I just read your coment about the boyfriend. Haha funny enough I met him at club. Just for you I'll write out the story on my blog =) hehehehe

  5. Hey babe! lol I know I can't stay away =X Although it makes my wallet sad. hahah Anyways the story is posted at the bottom of that post. lol I didn't feel like updating a whole new post for just a story =)

  6. awww girl! you gals have a lot of sales happenin!!!! I have a feeling you will be overspending soon! :) hehehhe


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