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Monday, November 10, 2008

Mix and Match Challenge

I'm attempting Miss Fuz's Mix and Match challenge. I must say this is one fun challenge. And yes, I'm not waiting till the last minute to do this...well, almost but I'm getting better *wink~

For some reason the pictures turned out blurry :(
Oh well, see what you can....

First outfit:

Second outfit:

Third outfit:

Thanks Fuz again for this FUN challenge!!!

On a side note, I've received more entries for the Pin-Up Girl Contest. I will post them up sometime this week. Thank you everyone for joining!!!


  1. TWIN!!! You are one hot property! I LOVE your looks! I love all !I can't seem to choose!!! you are so pretty! :) I made the right decision choosing you to be my twin :D

  2. !! you're so chic!! & you have a model's body! wowowowoow

    haha yay to us for not procrastinating.
    now i gotta get moving on YOUR contest! ahhhhh!! but you can bet the planning has begun!

  3. sooooooooooooo cute babe!!!! i like :)

  4. oh i love all the outfits!:) great job! hey wait,have you checked out my latest entry? i did it for you! feeeeel the loooooove! haha

  5. wow! you did an awesome (sexy!) job!

  6. You look gorgeous! I love all the outfits! Great job!

  7. seriously... can you be any darn prettier!! sheesh - you could rock a paper sack and still look HOT.

    i hate you, in that green with envy sort of passion. ^-^

  8. I love all of your outfits!! and I need to catch up on fashion too! hehe, you look good in everything!! very cute outfits.=]

  9. love your mixing and matching! very cute!

  10. i don't like the 2nd outfit. it looks like a 40 year old woman trying to be...hip?


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