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Friday, November 21, 2008

L'egere BB Cream Review

BB Cream


LEGERE White Multi BB Cream
Description on the back of the package:
- sun protect + makeup base + skin cover + foundations for 24hrs
- Acts effectively on irritated skin, concealing dermal blemish and helps skin rejuvenation with innovative active ingredient
- Blocking te penetration of UV rays and other harmful factors
- This silicon-based formula defines a natural, long lasting complexion with gentle calming effects of natual, plant derived soothing particles not only on oily and sensitive skin, but also on irritated skin following peel care
Good For:
- Skin that needs protection, irritated skin by peeling and laser procedures, sensitive and troubled skin
- After following the daily skin routine, apply generously on face & sensitive area
- For skin protection and natural looking coverage
- Lightly pat a small amount of product over entire face in the final stage of basic skin toning
CLICK HERE for the Ingredients list
Korea Blemish Balm CREAM

Here's how big it is:
(50g/1.69 fl. oz.)

The consistency on L'egere BB cream reminds me of one of my favorite foundations, Gorgio Armani Face Fabric Foundation. However, GA Face fabric foundation is much softer and lighter in texture. And L'egere BB cream is a little thicker and firmer. It's a little darker in color which I was afraid at first since my skin tone is on the fair side. But once applied and blended on the skin, it's rather light.
Korea Blemish Balm CREAM

Here's a before and after picture:
(look at how much lighter my skin look)

-Feels really light compare to many other liquid foundation
-Coverage is fair-good depending on how many application you put on. As you can see on the before and after picture, it helps hide the pores and blemishes on my skin.
-Makes your skin glow
-Brightens your skin
-Very natural looking

-Availability: I got this from an Ebay's seller that both Kimberly & Fuz recommended. And so far, this is the only online spot that we saw carry this bb cream.
-Like most other bb creams, it's limited to only lighter shades. So if you have darker skin tone this may not be for you.
-I have combination skin and my t-zones does gets oily while wearing this.  Need to blotch several times a day.

OVERALL: I think this is a good bb cream.  I love how light it is yet it gives such a natural glow to your face.  It doesn't dry nor make my combination skin look too oily. Compared to liquid foundation, it's not as thick and heavy; it also has medium coverage for skin imperfections.  I like L'egere BB cream better than my other liquid foundations except for the GA Face Fabric Foundation though. GA foundation is still unbeatable in my definition since it's so much lighter and gives me that natural glow that I can't hardly find in other foundations.

I've heard of BB cream a while back and have been wanting to try it for so long. However, there are so many different kinds out there and I was always reluctant to TEST and TRIAL. Thanks to
Fuz for her thorough review. It inspired me to give it a go!!!

Next on my BB cream Test n trial list are: SkinFood Mushroom Blemish Balm, Missha M Perfect Cover, BRTC Perfect Recover for acne, Skin79, and Etude House....and etc...etc...



  1. your skin without the bb cream already looks flawless!

    i'm want to try the bb cream, but since it's more on the lighter side i don't think it'll match me well :( i wish i could go somewhere & actually sample it a bit just to see if it matches my skin, because i'd totally be down to buy it then!

  2. Flawlesssssssssss...

    I wanna try that darn mushroom bb too GAH -- we're like the 3 bb muskateers - me, you and

  3. oh wow.. this is such a cute pic on u... its a glowie look.. wut is on ur cheeks? brand, color? =P

    btw.. i always use TFSI or a cheap eyeshadow base but for this purple look.. i forgot! so its just the eyeshadows itself.. i realized i forgot about it wen my purple shadow wasnt spreading evenly lol

  4. makes your skin look nice!

    i wish i can try it out but has sulfates :( poo....

    glad it works for you though!! :)

  5. SORRYY!!
    When I left, there were lots of XS left =/. Alot of men's Tshirts (vneck). But, they had more than they put out on Friday, I guess to spread the stock out to the 3 day event.
    Jeans...depends on your size. 23/24 are NONEXISTENT. 25 is so-so, not THAT much either. 26-27 I was only looking for bootcut, and didn't find ANYTHING.
    Did you know about the Citizen Sale in OC? There is one also since you missed the other one. I have work (stuck here right now) so I didn't end up going.
    It's held by the WAREHOUSE SALE people so it's pretty easy to Google, otherwise left me know and I'll forward you the email.

    WHOA that was long! What other brands du u love?? I'll be sure to post early next time.

    I love warehouse sales =)

  6. Nothing will ever beat GA. Haha!

    Hey so you said that you haven't really found a hair line that you like. Well le me suggest Cibu. I love Cibu! They only sell it out here on the East coast and on their website but if you want some samples I could totally send you some. Let me know! =)

  7. everyone is raving about BB cream... i would be too scared to try it cause my skin is soooo sensitive.. eeks!

    but my sis-in-law, patricia g. raves about GA like it's her job! puahaha i want to try it now..

  8. hey, i was wondering what shade are you in mac?

  9. Holy cow the BB cream looks great on you! Gah, your skin looks flawless! I ordered from the same seller last week. I'm dying to try the Skinfood next! =)

  10. Thanks love! I have more reviews coming!

    Haha there are so many options! It's gonna be tough! Hrm no. I didn't bother asking or anything. I thought it was just a discount for Fuz from Kimberly Tia's friend/contact. Oh well.. haha

  11. your skin already looks great, but that BB cream really makes it look perfect :) so many reviews.....sooooo tempting!

  12. Check your email!
    I sent you a short novel =) HAHAHA.

    Good luck darling and let mee know what goods you left with!


  13. Hey new blogger and avid follower! =)

    I've been reading about this BB cream everywhere, is it safe to use as a moisturizer alone? Or do you wear this on top of your regular moisturizer? Plus, what are the benefits?
    Does it lighten the complexion and help with blemishes/scars or anything?

  14. oh oh i saw that you posted on tao's blog about the canon camera. I have that one too ^^, its great isn't it? and gosh everyone is raving about bb cream, i really don't want to purchase it online. >.<

  15. I'd kill for your skin....and your brows...and your lips...LOL!

    Flawless honey, FLAWLESS!!

  16. wow it looks really good on you, smooth and flawless!!

  17. you have gorgeous skin even without the bb cream..but wait,you didn't answer my question.. :(

  18. What....WHUT certain guy with my betty kit, did YOU watch the video againnnnn... PUWAHAHHAAH...

    mine girl. mine.

    and YAY you got your box o' goodies, finally - i was getting skurred. but then again i got the notice via email that it got delivered too ^_^

  19. hi! haha, she actually brought over the GA face fabric last time. i swatched and i fell in love. it felt soooo smooth....=)

    btw, i looovvee your acronym of wife! hahaa! women's institute of financial education.. puhaha i shoud tell my husby that!

  20. You look amazing!! Yayyy~~~ *dances* I'm glad you like~

  21. I know where to get the L'egere BB Cream in Singapore. I got mine last weekend in Suntec Tower 3 Level 2, a small shopping cart near Evergreen Bookshop. SGD35 per 50g tube. they have tester for you to try.

  22. You are so gorgeous that i have to leave a comment which i never do. If you are not so sweet i would have already hate you. Nway, are ur brow naturally look like that?its perfecT!!

  23. Your skin is flawless with and without the BB cream! Just stopping by to say thanks for the review. I'd be all over this stuff if it weren't for my skintone!

  24. hello,

    have you done a review for Missha's perfect cover bb cream yet?

    i'm still torn between l'egere and missha. i don't know which to get.

    i have oily/combination skin too so i'm relying on your review haha.
    also, are there any products with more natural ingredients that you can recommend?


  25. Hiya, thanks for this entry on the legere bb cream. I thought it was really informative, so have hyperlinked your review to my makeup tutorial video and blog at, where I did a review of a less favoured bb cream by The Face Shop.


  26. by any chance have you ever tried Dr. Jarts silver label BB cream? I'm stuck inbetween Legere and Dr. Jart, based on reviews, since i havent tried a BB cream yet. :)

  27. I haven't try Dr. Jarts BB cream so I can't really tell you which is better. Although I must say BB cream is an addiction. After you try one, you'd want to try other brands too. My suggestion to you is compare the shades and properties of each BB cream. Most bb creams come in lighter shade and have different properties; for example, some have sunscreen, anti wrinkles and some doesn't. Look for what best suit you and go for it. Good luck :)

  28. hey can you tell who you bought this bb cream from on ebay please?

  29. Prefer the silver label as it's coverage is good and better for fairer skin tone like mine!

  30. Hi. I am currently a college student and would love to try out the L'gere bb cream. But do you know where can I buy this bb cream from Selangor, Malaysia? Thank you. :)

  31. i have tried it and unfortunately my face had breakouts :( not really working for a super sensitive skin ... :'(


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