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Monday, November 17, 2008

K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner Review

After reading Kimberly Tia's review on K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner, I was convinced that this baby works magic! LOL. I was excited to spot this at Matsuwa although I wish they carry the pink version :/

Apparently, this is Japan's top selling eyeliner. The description on the back claimed that: This quick-drying liquid eyeliner has a special brush tip and high water resistant polymers, giving you superb control for creating remarkable smudge-resistant effects. The result: eyes become more defined and focused. It is a film type eyeliner. The water resistant coat polymer keeps fine eyelines 24 hours. You'll feel like "1 Day Tatoo!" Also, gentle for your eyelashes; containing camomile extracts and panthenol.

This is how the package looks like:
K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner Review

K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner Review

The pointy brush tip makes it so easy to apply the eyeliner. You can easily create a nice thin line or build a thick nice line for a more defined look.
K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner Review
Overall, I'm impressed with this eyeliner. Leave it up to the Japanese to think of great inventions!! I applied this in the morning and by evening time, it's still very much the same without any touch-up.

This is how it looks on me:
K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner Review

It's great for those who are going for the doll-eye or cat eye look. It will make your eye pop and stand out. And even look rounder and bigger in a sense.  It's also great for those who have trouble lining your eyes perfectly.  The design is very much similar to a pen.  So imagine holding a pen (with very tight bristles) in your hand and drawing.  It's much easier than regular eyeliner with soft bristles.

Initially, I was concern with how to take off the eyeliner at the end of the day without scrubbing and irritating the fragile eye areas. But it was actually easier than I thought. It is recommend to remove with warm water however, I didn't do that. I used Clinique Take A Day Off Makeup Remover and it was a very gentle process. No scrub, no rub, and no pain. phew~

Overall, I love it. Will definitely repurchase. Thanks Kimberly for this great recomendation!
I got mine at Mitsuwa for $16.99
You can get it online at Fabaocanada, Arivial, Beautymark
but the cheapest I've found is Akinaiblog

I've never bought anything from those websites so please do your own research before buying.

On the lips:
-Smashbox Wicked Lovely (my current favorite lipgloss)

I'm currently doing Face Exercise from Carole Maggio's book, Facercise.
Will let you know if it works/not. LOL.
Face Exercise


  1. twin, your eyes look so pretty!!!! I got convinced by you too!!!! and your lips are ohhh lala!!!!! Love your cute pink shirt!

  2. You line your eyes so well! I love the almond shape at the outer corners! I'm definitely going to put this on my list!

    hahah thank you. I do need to find me a man haha.

    Hahaha well then you shall thank me! =P

  3. i like how u line ur lines.. ur looks are pretty and so r u =) its u really look viet.. correct me if im wrong.. hehehe

  4. haaa! your time to puke now!? hahaha..if you plan on watching the movie, you SHOULD read the book before..or perhaps afterwards i suppose..but it'll make it much worthwhile if you get to read it. i wasn't even interested to watch it, but after reading it..omg,i became this pathetic fan already! like really..i wouldn't be this way if i didn't read it really, seriously.. :) you won't regret it, if you do..well,i would have to treat you when i go back there :)

  5. woooooooooohoooOoooo I enabled you and you LOVE it!!! raWr.

    Let's seeee what else can I get Cin to buy *evil laugh*

    jk the eyeliner looks fabulous on you and I'm glad you took a liking to it girl, it's so smoooth and very easy to remove with some mandom!! meowww...

  6. p.s.

    they actually have videos on youtube too of those facial exercises, some Korean ones -- I found them last night looking for bb cream reviews... VERY COOL stuff!!

  7. Woooooo you're enabling me now! I love this chain of enabling! xDD The liner really looks great!!

    LOL @ the facercise... But that woman looks like she got botox on her cover picture... ?

  8. grrr i want one! im scared to order from that last website, but geez 30 buks? idk,,,luky you!!

  9. that eyeliner and lipgloss looks good on you!! cute tee! hehe

  10. ooh fancy! it looks like a marker :D

  11. This is the first website that I've been to where I've looked at most of the tutorials and couldn't get enough!! Amazing tutorials, girl! And you're beautiful!! :) keep up the good work.


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