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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Clinique Haul

I must say, out of all my online purchase, I had the best experience with
They always arrived quickly and I never have any damaging problem. Their customer service is also awesome.

I actually got this package several days ago but didn't have a chance to really take a good look at it. So when I opened it today, it seemed like it just came in this morning.

My order:

I got Clinique blended face powder and brush, touch tint for eyes (makeup base), stay-matte sheer pressed powder, super city block, and superbalanced makeup foundation.

And these are the extra goodies that came along with it. I think I got a little bit more of everything here.....which is a good feeling!!!

I got myself some Purederm face mask the other day. Have anyone ever tried this? The packing looks so cute. I think there are about 10 different masks but I only got 5 here. Lets see how well this work.

I got a problem. I'm really suck when it comes to styling with scarf. I'm never pleased with how it looks...

Sometimes I like it like this....

but I also thought that this way is nicer....

Anyway, I'm never settled when it comes to's really is an issue I tell ya!

The weather here in Cali is getting colder which made me sad :(
I don't like cold weather. I wish I could move elsewhere during these months.
So whenever I woke up to a day full of sunshine...I feel like I need to take advantage of it.
I love going to the beach on warm and sunny days...
I love to sit under the sun...feel the ocean breeze...grasping the fresh air...

Isn't it beautiful? Why must summer ends??? why why why?!!!

What's your favorite season? I bet you already know mine :)


  1. mmm favorite season.... summer for sure, but then I do love my fall weather for boots and cute sweaters =)

    and gasp -- what dead after 2 wks.. ahhhhhhhhh I wish u didnt say that, now paranoia is going to stick to me... LOL!

    *prays for a good one*

    and noOOoo zoomin' in on the pores.. EW.

  2. p.s.

    I love those masks -- i wanted to get more from Marukai, everytime I go with Ms.Diana, and they NEVER have them.... I need to find a new place that carries them, because I love the packaging!!!!

  3. I love the way you tie your scarf on the last photo :) ANd I love how cute my twin looks!

    Lucky for you to have shipping straight from Clinique with all those lovely freebies!!!! I need to repurchase Clinique too!!! Gosh, we're twins!!!!

    My favorite there's only 2 in our country, I am not into summer and not into rainy I just love those months like December wind :) no rain, moderate sun :D

  4. Oh my, your Clinique haul is to die for! I've always loved Clinique makeup! I've personally never used the items you bought, but mmm I love their lipglosses. :) I hope you'll be able to review the foundation.

    Anyways, I'm a first-time reader so I just wanted to stop by & say hi! Great blog!

  5. I love Autumn!! :]

    Nice Clinique haul!! I like the way you wore the scarf tied in front.

  6. can't wait to see how the mask works out for you
    honestly i don't know if i really have a favorite season, because there's something in each season i look forward to. i guess more summer / winter. idk. it's hot or cold. hot = beach waves, surf, body boarding...NO SCHOOL!? cold = snowboarding. hahaha
    so very exciting

    idk why i get excited when people get stuff haha

  7. that's how i am with headbands! i love them but can never be satisfied with how they look on me. and i love the way you tied the scarf in the second picture!!

  8. come visit me then! its always HOT in here! well except when it rains and floods..hahaha :)

    lucky you! such nice freebies from your clinique purchase...oh face pics for me now coz i've been having these breakouts or they kind of look like insect bites coz they're kind of itchy but they're inflamed..i don't even know how to explain it..but my face looks shitty right now I HATE IT!!!

    oh and i love the way you styled the scarf on the 2nd pic :)

  9. love your haul girl ;) Let me know more about the mask when you have time please pretty please :D

  10. Is that a long, thin scarf? Or a square-ish scarf? There are so many ways to wear it! Now that it's getting chilly here in CA, you'll have more opportunities to wear your scarves.

  11. I love your haul! it's great that you got so many freebies! And I really like the way you styled your scarf in the second pix.

    My fave season is summer too. I just hate cold weather.

  12. OoOoh nice freebies! What's the Super City Block for? Do you apply it over foundation?

  13. That's a whole lotta Clinique! Great Haul!

  14. Hey girl! Nice haul! I love Clinique, I feel that their face products aren't as heavy as MAC. I used to wear nothing but Clinique back in the day. ha! But you know, I'm recently converted to GA Face Fabric. YAYEE! Do you use their brush cleaner? I have a bottle but I haven't used it yet.

    I miss Cali weather too, there's no place like home. =( But fall is really nice out here on the east coast.

  15. awesome haul.

    you look so pretty, by the way. :-)

  16. hey Cin

    shipping was superrrrrrrr fast for my BB Cream set, well for me it was at leat- the seller lives like 15-20 minutes from me - so usually at most, I get my items from her in like 1-2 days from ordering. she ships immediately.
    and since I order from her often, she gives me great discounts on combined shipping and shipping out fast.

    go for it!!!!

  17. Yes! You did get ALOT more goods!
    YAY for you! I only got the standard, but I didn't order as much as you. Looking at your purchase is really making me think I should have ordered more HAHA.
    I'm loving the SUPERBALM =]


  18. heyy your skin looks amazing!
    what color is the superbalance in? thanks soo much! and keep up the great great work :D :]


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