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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Clarisonic Skin Care Brush System for $149

Heads up ladies, I just found this great deal for ya!!
Costco is having the Clarisonic Skin Care Brush System for ONLY $149.99. This includes 2 brush heads and 1 Clarisonic daily cleanser (2oz) plus FREE SHIPPING + HANDLING.

This is a GREAT deal compare to many other retailers. Sephora is selling this same skin care brush system for $195 which is about the same price that I got mine.

I've been using Clarisonic Skin Care Brush for a little over 2 weeks now so it's premature to say whether it works on improving my skin or not. But if you read reviews online, people are IN LOVE with this brush.



  1. good grief woman - do YOU go to COSTCO daily!??!?! and what on earth are you trying to do to me.

    Must SAVE money... btw check this out - codes and coupons for days =) woot.

  2. woooh congrats dear! you won 3rd place!:)

  3. TWIN!!!!! I know you are using this...and this looks promising!

    Twin!! Congrats for winning Fuz's contest...I am so proud of you, told you it will be your time to shine soon! and this is the time!

  4. that's MYYYYYYY hot arse damn you....

    i ain't about to put that one on blogger blast to be a target.. PUWAHAHHAH

    imma see blogger tracking with all day long, now wipe your mouth.

  5. OOoh I'm gonna get it now! I've been trying to find a good excuse to buy it. Haha.


  6. im contemplating seeing the movie tonight! cause i finished the book! :D amazing... totally amazing... i'm getting the other 2 books as well today.. hopefully finish those 2 in a few days!

    enjoy when the book arrives! it truly is a great read! :)

  7. Oohhh nice deal!

    I don't blame you if you do go to Costco every day, hehe. And I really can't imagine anything making you look fat!

    Ohh def use the freebies from your friend's salon! We like freebies, hehe.

    And yes, I think I will go to the pow wow! Sounds like it'll be fun to meet you and everyone else! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving hun!

  8. I love this little thing, my skin is so smooth and refined looking and feeling. I feel like all my products absorb and work better. Less acne, this little machine is awesome, I highly recommend it. This is the best investment you will make for your skin. My skin looks better now that I'm in the 50's versus when I was in my 20's. Thank goodness for another foundation of youth.
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