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Friday, October 17, 2008

Smashbox Wicked Lovely

Boy, I love the new Smashbox Wicked Lovely line. It speaks SEXY, NAUGHTY, DARING, and NICE. Especially, the lipgloss!!! looks so chic, smell so fine and taste oh so divine (yeah, I actually tasted it...gross!). Anyway, it deserves it own title cause I'm so in love with it.
Smashbox Lipgloss

My ever so boring makeup haul...I tried to be fun...word is TRIED :(
But always ended up with.......well, I'll let the pictures speak for itself....
Smashbox Wicked Love Lipgloss

OoooOoo, drugstore haul..................still not so fun, but I NEED!
I went out of my way for Shikai body wash and purify tangerine scrub at Trader's Joe
because and ONLY because they both smell delicious and made my body begged for more!
Cosmetics Makeup

Foot soap! My pharmacist friend recommended this to me cause she knows how much I love to walk in heels! What a nice friend.

Castor Oil
, because I desperately want my eyebrows to be thick and BUSHY so I'll try anything.
Castor Oil Eyebrow

And here's me just in case you haven't already see *wink*

I'm always cheery as a happy bee....

but don't mess with me cause I come with a little attitude...just a little...

and extra spice!

but I'm nice as hell and DARE you make me cry....

cause I WILL! T.T

I think I might have just gotten a little TOO intense and comfortable in front of the camera. Gosh! Who knows this thing could be so much fun?!


  1. you look hot in that tube dress! like really HOT! hahaha i'm now fat if you compare me to my old self..its really true..i was so thin because i used to be a nursing student..sleepless nights, endless duties in hospitals, lots of papers to pass..i was so stressed..but now i'm healthier..but i still feel that i'm on the skinny side..hehe but i love your body dear! i'd gladly trade yours with mine in a heartbeat!:)

  2. yes i book marked that site right when i saw the link on vanessa's ( site! i love shoes. I even saw pairs of shoes i already own for cheaper prices! btw, speaking of shoes i love the gray boots!

  3. hahaha noooo i'd trade mine first with yours! haha you made me laugh :)

    you did for 1 year? cool :) i didn't think you'd go for the medical field look too pretty for that :) i just graduated this april and i recently passed the nclex rn exam 2 weeks ago..:) i'll be working as a nurse there in the US next year :)

  4. The Smashbox lipgloss is to die for. How cute is the packaging!!! :)

    I still don't see any fat on you. I like this outfit too.

  5. Lol~ I haven't logged onto my AIM either. By the way, you know AIM website has express AIM where you can log on from the internet? I don't know of they still have it but I remember doing that in the past.

    I miss my Pa too... lol~ ;) :P

  6. i'm in the philippines right now :) my relatives are in california..i was there a month ago..but i had to return here and wait for my exam result :)

    hahaha i'm more of the needle gal! hahaha just kidding,i love giving shots..and all of the patients i've handled with shots often tell me i have a light hand and they barely felt the pain..haha,majority were yes,i guess i'm gifted with a light touch..*ahem*

  7. You call me Ma might as well as call you Pa... lol~ :P

  8. hahaha all kind of shots..even booty shots..haha just kidding :)

    i also freaked out when i found out that we had to do a return demo of giving different shots..omg,i thought i was going to hurt like hell! giving vaccinations don't hurt as much as injecting sterile water into your arm..stung like hell!

  9. awww i love ur outfit!!! u look so cute!!! and i love ur boots too! i need to go boots shopping instead of Makeup shopping!!! hehe

  10. OH SIS! You look tooooo sexy! Now now I have to rethink about the twin thing! you are very hot and sexy! *whistles*

  11. sexy sis! I've tried their e/s and far..their blushes are more of the matte side with some shadows that goes a bit shimmery ...their blushes and bronzers are wonderful...I've read a lot of raves about their foundation, so I gave their sample foundations a try :) I don't think you need any! Whatever you're using works so well on you :)

  12. hahaha how dare you sis! hahha you know me too well :) You're welcome!

    I am not that well, still have occasional headaches, coughs and a lot of sneezing..I am hoping to be 100% well..this is really the worst that happened to me this year, I hope this won't happen again :( You take care, a lot of people are sick down here!

  13. HEY! You can't blame me for everything!!!! My germs travel 30mpm only! so the most it reaches would be HK! lol have a great weekend, I'll be leaving the office sooN!!!! see ya around twin sis! sexy girl!

  14. you're soOOo gorgeous! i like ur skin tone eh.... but i dont think thats my skin tone.. wuts ur shade?

  15. looking hot!! you have such a nice body shape!!

    nice haul too the lipgloss looks cute!

  16. I love your outift, you look gorgeous!

    And great haul, I love the lipgloss and the packaging is so cute!

  17. lol ur so cute it was like reading a poem

    when i saw the castor oil, i thought to myself what is that for... thank goodness u explained lol

    tell me if it works for u, my brows have some sparse areas :(

  18. i want to get my hands on that new line very sexy youre right..

    youre so pretty this is the first time ive been on your blog i hope you dont mind me linking you :)

  19. boring haul?? whatchu talkin bout =P that's a BIG haul! i would be lucky if i could get 2 or 3 things XD

    that smashbox lipgloss is uberr cutee and ditto for your outfit!

    oh, and that gorgeous face of yours? yea, for some reason you get prettier every time you put up pics! *jealous*

  20. hey you look so gorgeous girl! so jealous!

  21. how cuuute are you and your fierce lil "tude" and outfit.. i love that "and I WILL make you cry"... HA HA -- hauls are so much fun -- i need to do a drugstore haul this weekend.... love your lil bloggy!!

  22. AW I like that you're posting more pics of your beautiful self!!! Yay for goodies! I didn't know Trader Joe's carried scrubs! I always browse their beauty aisle but stopped after realizing they never carry anything spectacular. OMG, I need some foot scrub! My feet get so sore and tired..

    Cute dress! It looks like a tube sweater dress from what I can tell..? I LOVE sweater dresses! And love the booties =)

    Hahah Madam? Whatever makes you happy =D haha.

    Awwwww I'd cook for you if you were around! Cup noodles are good though! I crave them every so often.

  23. Dayaaam, gimme more of that attitude! ;D Hotness.

  24. Thaaaaaaaank you! =)

    I haven't decided yet. I bought them in place of a pressed powder before I bought the Chanel powder haha. But I'm going to try to remember to use them to blot tomorrow during work and see what I think.

    My Nars SA did give me a sheet to use yesterday. Even though I didn't have much oil and shine yet as I had only been awake for 2 hours or so, I did like it. It's powdered but as you press it against your face you can't see the powder residue left behind (like you can with some other powdered sheets). It did a good job absorbing oil and mattefying my skin. It's also suppose to not take off your makeup as you use it. The sheet is also really big compared to others! So if you run out of room with others, this one would be great! haha

    Thank you, haha they're pervs like "daddy", my ex. hahahhaa

  25. You look so cute! I love the outfit and gorgeous haul girl!

  26. yoooou?? normal?? NORMAL? since when!? hahaha :) i was watching this noon time show here in the philippines yesterday, sunday, when i saw this singer named "sitti" and she reminded me of you :)

    but i still do think you're prettier than her..*ahem ahem*

  27. you are so beautiful cinthia..I'm so jealous grr! lol no really I am :P
    I can't wait til' you review the clarisonic thingymajiggy..does it feel weird brushing your face with an gigantic toothbrush?

    oh I have that same castor oil too LOL I have the same brows are too pics sometimes it looks like half of my brows are shaved off :[

  28. hey love!!! hahah wat u mean u need to do the first 2 to be a model?? i think u already look great from any angles!!!

  29. ooooh OK of course i will join!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe hmm i wonder what is it gonna be...???

  30. did you check her different albums? she has an album "shipping" for the for the prices,they are indicated on the album information once you open them..or you can just message her for details :) i texted her awhile ago if she ships to US..but if she doesn't you can order stuff and then i'll just take them with me once i get back there, but that's like next year..hehe

  31. oh mannnnn you're a hottie!!!

  32. you have the cleavage i dream of having! That's such a HOOOOOT OUTFIT!

  33. your boots are hot fire!!!! which wicked lovely lip gloss is that?


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