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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pin-Up Girl Contest

I've always been drawn to the classic Pin-Up girl look. In other words, the vintage look of Hollywood stars such as Marilyn Monroe and more recently Dita Von Teese. So I thought it would be fun to hold a contest where you can show me and the world, the classic and sophisticated side of you.

What you must do for this contest:
1) Create a Pin-Up girl look and show me a picture of a celebrity, model, or anyone who you were inspired by.
2) The main focus is on your face, your makeup. But if you want to dress up your hair and throw in an outfit to go along with it that would be a PLUS. Totally recommended but it's optional.
3) I need at least two pictures:
a) your face shot/body shot
b) the person who inspired you
Please keep it to no more than 4 pictures (3 of yourself and 1 of the inspiration look). Thank you :)

Anyone can join this contest. International readers are welcome :)

Here are several ways for you to submit your pictures:
1) Send me an email at: write in the subject line: Pin-Up Girl Contest
2) Post it on your blog and comment/email me and let me know so I can copy the pictures.

How is the winner determined?
I haven't yet decided. But most likely I will put up a poll and let everyone vote OR if for some reason, the poll gets out of hand/doesn't work, then I will pick the winner myself.

If I were to pick the winner, it will be based on how much effort she or HE (yes, boys can join the fun too!) put in. How closely the inspirational look compares to the original, and how many props (hair, accessories, outfits) were combined.

So, here comes the fun part, the winner's prizes:
Pin-Up Girl Contest

1) Lancome L'Extreme mascara in black
2) Lancome Flextencils mascara in black (mini sample size)
Lancome Mascara Flextencils L'extreme

3) A pack of 20 pairs of model 21 fake eyelashes in no.16
Model 21 false lashes

4) A small eyelash curler
eyelash curler

5) Ardell Brow and Lash Growth Accelerator with a mini tweezer
Ardell Brow and Lash Growth

6) Ecotools 6 piece brush set
Ecotools Brush

7) NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in blue
NYX eyeshadow

8) Lancome Juicy Tubes lipgloss in Sun Bronze (mini sample size)
Lancome Juicy Lipgloss

9) Lancome Colour Focus EyeColour (mini sample size)
Lancome Eyeshadow

You may submit your pictures anytime between now and November 21st, 2008. No entries will be accepted after the 21st. The winner will be announced a week after the deadline.

For those of you who need ideas and inspiration, you can check out: Pin-Up Girls Pictures
And here is our lovely Hayden Panettiere on Vanity's issue of Pin-Up girl look:

and of course my favorite, Marilyn Monroe:


  1. OMg!! i want to join..... hm this is going to be hard tho..., i suggest u not to put up a POLL!! dontt! seriously... lol that thing will get outtah hand =X im goin to think about it.. see wut ideas i can come up wit and ima join<333 great prizess.. i serilusly love falsies... and i need a new mascara n brushsets! lol

  2. Aawww twin!!! That is a great contest!!! I would love to see looks!!!! :D

  3. You're finally doing a contest. How exciting and I can't wait to see the entries! :)

  4. Exciting contest!! But o my so challenging!! Hmm I like me a challenge tho~~ :D

  5. i agree with jesmakeup--no polls! that stuff gets outta hand--trust me XD it gets complicated for both the contestants and the host.

    pin up girl..i really love hayden's look! this really would be a challenge....i mean there's only so much you can do with the regular red lips and neutral eyes thing.

    hmm...maybe ill join...iono.

  6. omg! i cant wait to turn in my pic!!

  7. guess entering your contest! hahahaha

    and haha my sister might get mad...but I'll buy her something and she'll be over it hahaha

  8. omg i cant wait to enter this contest im obsessed with pinup girls !! and youve got some greeeaat prizes!!

  9. yayyyyy!!!! i love retro looks!! i would definiately join!!! NO doubt!!! hehehe

  10. I'm going to try to find some time to enter! What a great idea!!! Ecotools brushes are lovely!

  11. hahaha i love you dear,that's why :) hahah..ooh you have a contest too! omg,its raining contests! :) i'd love to join..since you asked me to :) haha..but i doubt it'll look good on me,I'm far from pin-up girl material..haha

  12. what a great contest! wow there's contests everywhere!!

  13. i was going to say... I nominate Vanessa, but it looks like mama's already entered herself!!! ^_^

  14. This is a fantastic contest idea! Now, the question is if I can actually pull something of that's good enough for an entry. XD


  15. Lol~ I see who's entering and I definitely don't want to enter. :P

    I returned the warm to get the smokey. Me no got a daddy-o to buy me things... lol~ :P

    Me no see you on aim pa! :P

  16. oh, sounds fun! i love the whole pin-up doll look. i can never pull off red lips, gonna have to pass, but can't wait to see all the submissions.

  17. WOW! Great contest!
    May be out of my range thought =X
    I'm looking forward to see what other bloggers come out with!!


  18. ok... I gave in -- I entered...

    *fingers crossed*

  19. Ok, I have my entry up on my blog LOL. Try not to laugh too much. HAHA.

  20. awesome contest.. im going to enter this! :)

  21. i'm soooo joining this, this looks like fun!

  22. I love the pin-up look! Can't wait to see all your entries...this looks so fun, great contest idea and wonderful prizes you're giving away. =)

  23. Fun! I haven't participated in a contest in AGES, so I'll try this one out.

  24. awwww sounds awesome!
    can anyone join? :) im from australia..

  25. phoebelina,

    you may join. International entries are welcome :)

  26. wow, i wanna join the contest!! but its really hard to pull off a pinup girl look!:)

  27. Hi Cinthia! I just emailed you my entry! PLMK if that works! Thanks!


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