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Monday, October 6, 2008

Nail Art Tutorial - Gem Flowers

What you'll need:
-Base Coat
-Top Coat
-White Nail Art Pen
-Red Nail Polish or whichever color suits your needs
-Several toothpicks
-Nail Art Gems or Glitters

Nail Art Flower Tutorial

Nail Art Tutorial

Began by painting your nails with a base coat. Follow with 2 coats of the red nail polish.
How To Draw Flower on Nails

Once it dries, take the white art pen and draw a line across like so....
How To Nail Arts

Again, another line next to the previous line....
Nail Art Glitter

Wait until the polish is dried. Coat a little clear polish on the spot where you're going to place the gems. Stick the tip of the toothpick in the clear polish (just the tip). And use that tip to pick up one gem at a time. Place the gems close together to form a flower shape. When the gems are in place and is dried, paint your nails again with the top coat.

This is what you should get:
Nail Art Tutorial



  1. This is so cute! :) I think I'm done with nail art, because I can't think of anything anymore... lol~ I'm having a brain fart! :X

    Green reminds you of being horny!?!? I have never heard of that. My thinking is you're one horny girl or you got a horny guy... lol~ ;)

  2. Lol~ I was going to ask who's hornier than the other, but I rather not know. :X

    I haven't talked to you in ages. :P

  3. your nails look so pretty! great idea!

  4. Hi TWIN!!! I missed yoU!!!! How have you been? I love your nail art! So refreshing and your nails are so perfect! I love the length, I love the color on you! :)

  5. Wow what a professional job! My ring finger and pinky nail look so much like yours it scares me a bit haha.

  6. Thank you!!! =)

    I use to wear my nails long. I think our nail beds/cuticle areas on the last 2 fingers are really similiar.

  7. Call you the queen of nail art!! It's incredible~

  8. i love it. it's so simple but elegant! I wish I can do my own nails :( I can't even get an even coat on my left hand even if i tried lol

  9. Your nails look gorgeous! I love the flower.

  10. wow! i love this!!!

    ___i havent commented you/visited in a while, im sorrryyy

  11. i have another lovely question for you XD sorry i keep packing you down with questions!! x.x

    so for nailpolish and such...I have this problem where even after my nailpolish has dried after a day, whenever i write with my pencil my fingers touch each other and end up creating a "fingerprint" on the does everybody avoid that?? XD Did i apply on the nailpolish too thickly? Do i need a nailpolish that is a "hardener" to make it like dent-proof? It just bugs me every time that I paint my nails all pretty and end up getting my fingerprints or other dents all over them ;.; thanks :)

  12. continue comme ça. Tu es génial. EG

  13. I think I'm gonna use it for my wedding
    just one more week. I just those nails


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