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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My New Ride



And yes! It's mine! Mine! Mine!!!

well, ok, it's NOT mine!
but I get to look pretty and ride around in it!!! hmmm...I guess I'll take that too!

Boy, I'm so vain!! Help me!!!
oOOOo, and I'm bored too! Help me!!!


  1. I WANT A WHITE BENTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FOR THE 1ST TIME IM NOT STARING AT YOU..i am staring at the car...that is sicK!

    me love a hot chick with a hot car!!!

  2. omgggggggggggggg are you seriousssssss? that's a pretty sweet ride!

    Did you get a new haircut? or just styled it differently? looks really pretty on you!

  3. oOOoOo bentleyyyyy!!

    are you renting the car or something?

    and you look gorgeous as usual :)

    oh btw cute dress!

  4. Did you get a new hair style?? It looks sooo cute!

    And yes the car is nice too. ;)

  5. you look so pretty i hate you!:) hahaha the bentley looks pretty too beside you :) but i prefer black cars..:)

  6. Is it your boyfriend's new car?

    I'm liking your outfit! :)

  7. hey In fairness! i was looking at you, the bentley, then you again! you are getting prettier twin sis! And I love your hair!!!

    Sis it's not a scheduled post anymore, I am back to work, not 100% well but I'm getting better than yesterday :) Thanks for asking

  8. wut a nice car! u r such a cutie too!! i like ur hair =P oOo and the outfit!!

  9. oOoo shiny!!

    something looks different, did you change your hair?

  10. gorgeous!!! I am so jealous lol. For the white base, I used MAC's pro color stick in white, covered it in Motives White Eyeshadow and I set it with MAC Invisible Powder.

  11. aww you are so pretty! love your hair. looks soft and pretty! is that your ride?! wooowwwwwwww

  12. Woo nice car! I actually believed it was yours! =P Well one day you'll get one. ;)


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