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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How To Contour Your Face

I've learned of contouring when I used to work for a Television company. We used to have to do a lot of photo shoots and commercials. And of course, I got to see the amazing affect of what makeup can do on the models. Contouring is actually one of the very basic and easy step that brought about dramatic changes to a face. A lot of the models that we worked with don't have a "perfect oval" shape face. So with the help of powders, foundations, bronzers and highlighter, we were able to transform their face shapes and gave it an illusion of a perfect, symmetrical shape. Contouring is also perfect for making your face appear thinner and more proportion. So how do you contour correctly? Well, I came across this article which I thought is pretty straight forward on showing you how to contour according to the shape of your face.

Here are some examples taken from MovingMakeup:
Contouring - brown
Highlight - yellow
Blusher - green

How To Contour Round Face
Round Face Shape
Contour: Sides of jaw, temples and neck
Highlight: Centre of nose, centre of cheeks, chin and forehead
Blush: Just under the cheekbones

Contouring Heart Shape Face
Heart Face Shape
Contour: Temples and chin
Highlight: Lower cheeks on jawline
Blush: On the cheekbones

For more info on how to contour other face shapes, please visit MovingMakeup


  1. thats interesting...... how about other face shapes?

  2. Suhweet info! Now I don't have to live with my pancake face!! xD

  3. Highlighting lower cheeks on jawline?? That's so foreign to me haha. I'm going to have to try that sometime.

    Yeah I love the palette! Don't they?!! I had the same reaction when I saw your nails. I kept on looking down at mine and back at yours =P

  4. Contour my face twin! I needed that! :D Thanks for the tips! You don't need any contouring, trust me!

  5. Lol~ Teasing me about swapping *sniff sniff*! :(

    By the way, I need help with contouring a square/round face. :P

    I'm logged on. :X

  6. Hey, I got my necklace in Taiwan... but I imagine they have similar stuff in those little Asian store in California if you live there.

  7. YAWN*

    where are pictures of you?

  8. My huge arse is on, but no see you! :(

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