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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Clarisonic Skin Care Brush

YAY!!! I received the Clarisonic Skin Care System today!! So excited. Read so many good reviews on this brush that made me decided to give it a try. Actually, I've been breaking out like crazy and reviews out there claim that this thing works like a MIRACLE!!! Hopefully, it'll work it magic on me. Anyway, review will come soon. Now this baby needs to be charged for 24 hours before it can glide on my skin!!! YIPIE!!!

Clarisonic Skin Care Brush

Clarisonic Skincare System

I was gonna take some before pictures of the pimples on my forehead but the flash never fail to take it away. So instead of my pimples pictures; you get to see me being VAIN old self before walking out the door!

Everyone has a favorite side to pose when it comes to taking picture.  This is definitely not my favorite side...
what to wear

After 20+ shots, I finally managed to get one decent shot! You could tell I'm a newbie when it comes to this!
Gained 10lbs+; lost 5lbs; now I need to shed the other 5...sigh~~~
Outfit of the day



  1. twin!!!! I missed your full shot posts and your face post :) :) :) I'm glad to see more of your posts..did you had your hair cut?? I love the layers! You looked so pretty twin!!!! Now now, you're definitely the angelic one...EXCEPT the provocative photo! LOL :) So cute!

    P.S. You don't need to lose ANY weight!

  2. aww you look really cute and very pretty!!!

    i think you have a nice body already :)

  3. yipppy

    pic of your GORGE ass...hun you will get used to taking the pics! u better cuz i love them...yes please let us know on how well the clarisonic skin is in the shits as welll =(

  4. You know which pose I'm talking about! LOL but don't worry it was done tastefully! :P I love it! You are so funny!

    Of course I do pay attention, you're my twin! :D

    Where's the remaining 5lbs again??? Can't seem to see it!

    I hope the Clarisonic works for you :) It'll be great if it works!

  5. Wow you update so often now! ;)

  6. twin, I will find it hard to say all the positive stuffs if I don't see any positive stuffs about you :) so trust me, it's all from the heart!

    It's Sunday lunch time my side, I'm staying at home with hubby because we're both sick, I'm starting to get sick too, coughs and colds :( So yeah, I'm staying at home :(

    You're not going out?

  7. I haven't been feeling good all day today. I think I'm trying to fight a cold or something. I've been drinking green tea all day. :/

    I'm on! ;)

  8. I'm not sure what the reasons are but I have the feeling it has to do with the trip from China :( I guess we've caught some viruses :( I hope not!

    Aawww, I'm sure a lot of guys would love to take you out :) You just have to post that lovely photo of yours! somewhere

  9. So pretty! Can't wait to hear what you think!

  10. what? lose weight? you seriously don't need to lose any!

  11. cute outfit! pimples?? what pimples?? i know the flash washed it out but i still think you've got gorgeous skin :) much better than mine! my goal is to have skin as good as yours!!

    haha i thought i was the only person who took like 20+ shots. Despite that im a camera-obsessed-techie type person, I can never seem to get a decent shot of my face or products so i end up taking so many freakin pictures and only pick out like 4 or 5 that look clear and doesn't make me look like a moron XD lol

    and yea, most people don't see me as viet. My chem teacher back in HS thought I was Japanese. All my friends initially thought I was chinese. And one of my classmates when down the ENTIRE list of Orientals/Asians and never picked viet. She was like...chinese? korean? japanese? Malaysian? filipino? I kept saying no one after another and finally at the very end she was so frustrated and said "OMG then what ARE you!?!?!" XD Just out of curiosity, what features of my face makes me look other than viet? I know my skin is a bit on the lighter side (right now i have a tan though due to walking on college campus outside) but i can get pretty ghostly pale if i stay indoors for a long period of time...sorry im so curious XD

    oh for that cucumber drink, if we add like any other fruit, such as apple,oranges, etc etc, will that "disrupt" the strength of the drink to give the good skin effect?

  12. Wow -- Pretty Lady!!!

    Can't wait to hear your further review and love your fashion style!

  13. you're so pretty!!
    i love your style!
    where'd you get your top?

  14. hey! was there anything in particular that you're interested in? i can take pics of them.

  15. You're totally justified for being vain, gorgeous!! :D Let me know how the brush works... I always thought that it'd be too much on the skin...

  16. thank you dear :) yes, makeup should be fun all the time..hahaha especially when you've got nothing else to do :) haha

  17. You look gorgeous and I love that outfit! I'm digging the teal blouse.

  18. Thank you!

    I'll start taking pictures for every step the next time I cook!

  19. :) I like your blog.

    Uhh.. WHAT PIMPLES? You mean your invisible non existing ones? LOL!!

    I love your top!! What brand is it where'd you get it tell me tell me!

  20. Girl, you don't need to lose any weight. You look awesome :)

  21. you are so pretty...

    I've been meaning to ask you... how did you lose the weight you've gain... you said you lost 5 and need to lose the other five... I've gain 10lbs as well and been trying to lose it but it's so hard... can you share you secret as to what you did to lose that 5lbs of your... thnx.

  22. Hi Linda,

    I drink a full cup of water before every meal. That way, the water will help fill up my tummy and I'll eat less. I also drink apple cider vinegar (the pills) after each meal. The apple cider vinegar helps break down the food faster. Believe it or not, when the food digest quicker, your skin looks better too.

    Sometimes instead of drinking water before every meal, I would eat fruits and vegetables. It's also the best way to fill you up and yet help you eat less.

    I hope these help for you. Please let me know if you try it.

    Good luck :)

  23. thanks you... I will try it and see if I can lose... though it's a little bit hard to lose weight during the holidays... but at least I can cut back... oh one last thing... where do you buy those apple cider vinegar (the pills)? thanks again ^^

  24. Yeah, I'm feeling ya girl. That's one thing about's all about gaining and little losing. LOL

    I bought the acv pills from this website:

    Let me know if it works for you.

  25. Thanks for the website... but do you think I can find this at a local drug store? I want to go get a bottle today or tomorrow... I can't wait for the shipment... lol I sound so desperate but I really need to lose this weight and so you know what I mean...

    You've been a big help... thank you so much.

  26. Hi Linda,

    I don't know of any retail store that sells apple cider vinegar in pills form. I bought the liquid form before at Trader's Joe. You could give Trader's Joe or Mother's market (if you have one near your area) a call to see if they have them.


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