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Friday, September 5, 2008

Essence of Beauty Brush Set

So the many positive reviews on this beauty convinced me to go grab myself a set. The set that I got comes with four brushes (a powder, blush, eyeshadow, and an eyeliner brush). It also comes with a cute little brush holder pouch. I used the brushes for a little over a week now and I must say, I'm pretty disappointed of the overall quality. I actually only like two out of the four brushes and here are the reasons why:

Essence of Beauty

Essence of Beauty Brushes

The Powder Brush: I'm giving this a 2/5 because it sheds like crazy. Regardless of how gentle I am, the hairs kept fallen off. I thought that after I cleaned it, the shedding would stop or gets actually remained the same.
Essence of Beauty Powder Brush

To prove my point, here's a picture of SOME of the hairs that fell off:
Essence of Beauty Brush

Blush Brush: This one is even worst than the powder brush. It deserves a 1/5. No, 0/5 is more like it. I tried to take a good close up picture of the bristle so you can get an idea of how bad the quality of this brush is. Look at all the little hairs sticking out on the tip of the brush. Well, those stick on my face when I blushed and brushed. I was going to take pictures of all the hairs that fell off but because the hair is white, it's difficult to capture on the camera.
Essence of Beauty Blush Brush

Eyeshadow Brush: On a happier note, I'm giving this brush a 4/5. The hair is soft. It doesn't shed. It doesn't smell. Loving it so far.
Essence of Beauty Shadow Brush

Eyeliner Brush: 4/5. This brush is also decent. It's great to to draw perfect thin lines.
Essence of Beauty Eyeliner Brush

Will I purchase Essence of Beauty brushes again? Probably Not. This is my first time purchasing drugstore brushes and so far I'm not very keen on the quality. But for the $10, I got 2 decent quality brushes so I wouldn't complaint much. I heard that the individual brushes are actually better in quality compare to the ones in a set. What do you think?


  1. Hey twin, this is definitely a give and take relationship between us! You saved me from lemming on this essense of beauty brush set! What's stopping me is that I have so many brushes, but since I read so much ravings about this, I was thinking of ordering them! THANK YOU!!!! I don't want to buy a set of 4 brushes and only 2 of them works ok! *Hugs* my wallet thanks YOU!

  2. I don't like the dark haired brushes like the powder brush from EOB. My experiences with the dark haired has been bad, but I like the brown haired brushes like crease brush. For that reason I have never bought the brush set because they usually carry the dark haired ones... eek~ :X

  3. Lol~ I'm not too sure if I'm a good observant, but I just noticed it. :P

  4. haha, thats weird! cuz my doesnt shed at all! pooor you. Me and my friend love EOB brush becuz it is soft and doesnt shed. But i donno y urs do that... =[ what CVS did u went to?

  5. Aw sorry to hear about that! Personally I've never tried EOB brushes. Ecotools makes great brushes at a very cheap price! They're pretty good quality and soft. Plus all the materials they use are environmentally friendly.

  6. i have the same brush set, i hated the powder brush shed like crazy! even when i'm not using it, whenever i touch it some of the hair comes what the heck..

    but somehow my blush brush looks fine and it didn't shed that much..and mine's shape is fine too, works really well for my bronzer :)

    the eyeshadow brush i didn't like,mine didn't pick up the eyeshadows well..

    as for the eyeliner brush,i used it for concealer..haha

  7. I've never tried EOB brushes but i'm glad u posted this entry so I won't :P

  8. I've never gotten this pack, but I do have a few of the EoB brushes and I love them! Maybe they are better when purchased separately?

  9. sorry the brushes didnt work for you!! i know how you feel about shedding brushes... the brushes i bought from coastal scents STILL shed, lol but hey they were cheap... i just out up with it -_-;; cute brush bag tho!

  10. i've never tried their brushes before... there isn't a cvs around here... that's the only place that they're found right?

  11. Sorry these didn't work out for you. But yes, the brushes in the pack look different from the individual brushes. I have the eyeshadow brushes and crease brush that I love.


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