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Friday, August 22, 2008

Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment

Lately, I have been breaking out like crazy. And because I have combination skin, it only appeared on my t-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) since these areas tend to be oilier than the rest of the face. Normally, I would let it gradually fade out but this time I was in no mood to walk around with pimples on my face. Hence, I went to the local CVS and grabbed a tube of Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment. I decided to give it a try because of the many great reviews I've read online.

So this is how the tube looks like:

It's a very small tube but you only need a little bit to apply on the acne spot.

Price: $6.89 at CVS
Available at many drugstores

Some Highlight of What It Claims to Do:
Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment has been clinically proven to provide maximum strength effectiveness in fighting acne, while being gentle to the skin. Maximum strength effectiveness with less irritation, won't dry out skin. It goes deep down in the pores to kill acne bacteria that cause pimples and helps to stop new ones from forming. Relieves redness of acne pimples and overdrying of the skin (

PROS: the pimples decreased in sizes and the redness were a lot better than the night before. The healing time of a pimple greatly depend on each individual and the sizes of the pimples. For example, I have a pimple that required more than one application before it heals completely; while there's another which only takes one night to healed.

CONS:  Sometimes it helps decrease the size of the pimple but sometime it doesn't. I've tried it on newly developed pimple as well as old ones.  The result is still the same.  I need something that's 100% each time. 

Will I repurchase? Most likely not


  1. Ohhh that is so cute!!! I like small packaging but of course..if its small packaging but expensive, I won't like it anymore! hehehe

    I'm glad you found something that works for you, mine is Body Shop tea tree oil, I've tried so many on the spot creams and it gave nothing to me but allergies :( Sadness..

    thanks for the review, my friends will find this useful! twin! Hugs Happy weekend to you!

  2. thanks for that great review
    i've been breaking out like crazy lately also

    oh hope u don't mind i added u to my blogroll :D


  3. Thanks for the great review. I was just looking for a spot cream as mine has run out. I'll probably give this a try.

  4. I've tried this and it didn't work on me. =(

  5. Benzoyl Peroxide tends to dry out your skin, so make sure that you keep the skin moisturized too. :)

  6. I wouldn't have guessed you got zits, because you have such nice skin from what I can tell.

    I wanted to ask you what did you get at the CCO?... lol~

  7. hey, cinthia. i'm totally not a social person. i mean, i talk to people but i don't go out. i don't know...going out just isn't my thing. lol. i like to go out with my friends when i can but i mean, i am normally the designated driver. i'd rather let my friends have fun instead. about the iphone, my phone is unlocked. could you tell me the program if you know what it's called? i've never head of d/l a flash for the iphone! that would be neat cause i hate my phone not having flash =(

  8. That's nice of you to be considerate of your friends when you go shopping, but it doesn't sound like you... lol~ :P

  9. hmm...i have no idea if i have that button on my phone. perhaps i need to update it? i updated maybe two or three weeks ago. i don't see that button on my phone unless i need to go to settings? let me try to update it and see if that button shows up. i'm gonna try to install that program!

  10. hmm...i have no idea if i have that button on my phone. perhaps i need to update it? i updated maybe two or three weeks ago. i don't see that button on my phone unless i need to go to settings? let me try to update it and see if that button shows up. i'm gonna try to install that program!

  11. You guys could be chatting on AIM instead of commenting back and forth. :P

    Are you sure you're nice!?!? I don't think so. :P

  12. Nice review. Your face looks so flawless that I don't even think you would need this product.

    As for spa week, let us know what service you're going to get! I'm planning to go in for a massage.

  13. That stuff is one of the good ones.

  14. So it actually works? I got pimple bumps on my forhead n chin tooo... I have really sensitive skin so i dont kno if it will or not work for me... please let me know! thanks<3

  15. u have such beautiful skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Be sure to enter into my smokey eye contest for a chance to win some really cool prizes!!!

    keep it up!


  16. If the tiny tube is too expensive, you guys should check out this link
    it is where I get my Benzoyl Peroxide since the Neutrogen is too pricey for me and the quality is just as good.

  17. It has been proved that Neutrogena On the Spot Acne Treatment gives total relief from the acne and skin problems. Pimples, papules and scar marks can also be healed by using this treatment.

  18. Really acne is a major problem in teenagers which destroy their beauty. To get rid of this problem they apply many kinds of beauty tips and also prefer skin treatment. Everybody desires for a clear and glowing skin.

    I want to share my opinion with you about how to fight against acne. I have been on accutane for 3 months and a week. Acne is still bad. My derm says it will be better within the next month. (that's also what she said last month.)Side effects aren't too bad. You can prefer this if you want bast results.

  19. Hi I am Alan Smith 19 years old. I was suffering from acne but Neutrogena cream has solved this problem .....

    Best Regards
    Smith Alan

  20. h0w to apply neutrogena on the spot treatment??but im still confused on what to use if it is panoxyl,neutrogena,cetaphil or clean and clear?? can you please gimme some advice...thanks..

  21. Nice and very informative information. I had just got a tip off the last time from my friend regarding this blog, today I thought I should go for the trial and guess what this trial search for the blog worked very well. I am happy I opened up the article and read it.i think u continues work on this

  22. Hey, were you able to find anything better than the Neutrogena On-Spot Acne Treatment? I have outbursts all the time and would love to have some suggestions.


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