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Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Typical Day In Socal

Anyone going to the OC fair this year? Yesterday was the first opening day and let me tell you how exciting and fun it was for me. HAHA.

I got up really early, pretty excited to go since I didn't get to go last year. Put on loads of sunscreen and brought my cam since I know I will be taking pictures of practically everything I see...

It's a 15 minutes drive, which is not too bad, right?!

My overly excited self...

Pretty excited until....

almost everyone else in OC thinks the fair is cool and they all decided to go ON THE FIRST DAY!!!

traffic....traffic....(so glad I'm not the driver) haha

I was preparing to take a good nap while my sweet driver handle the wheels in traffic.

My tummy began to growl.....
when a girl needs foods...a girl gotta have foods....
so goodbye fair...see ya again at a better time

this makes up for the wait in traffic...

this too makes up for the nap I was about to take while in traffic...

I got this little under lash clip at the Japanese market. Isn't it cute? They also have EyeTalk here.

Also, dropped by the mall and got me some accessories from Forever21 and Wetseal. I seriously could spent a whole day browsing accessory alone. Love them!! Can live without them but don't want to!

Picture w/my new earrings, taken today. Like it? I do...LOL

So that's a typical day in Socal everyone. Traffic here is unpredictable and can get really nasty. But aside from that our weather rocks, foods are delicious, and amazing shopping places!!!

I'm still not giving up on the fair. Who is planning to go? 


  1. Girl! I honestly think you look like a print ad model especially your last photo!!! gorgeous!!

    and I love the accessories haul and the food postie!!! you had everything in one post!!! Fashion, beauty and FOOD! :D

  2. *blushing* you know I always love your comments right? LOL

  3. You look beautiful, girl!
    Love your haul too.

  4. you look gorgeous! so does the food! lol :P

  5. You're gorgeous! :) You have such nice skin, big eyes, and a cute smile. I love accessories too especially earrings. I only have 4 holes, 2 on each side, but I feel like I need more... lol~ :P

    The food doesn't look bad either. You're making me hungry *drool*... hehe

  6. you're so pretty!! :D
    hmmm mitsuwa! the closets one to me is in clairemont (20-30 min drive?) so i don't get to go often but there are other places to eat with similar food yummm

  7. I wish I look this good in big sunglasses! Also, your brows are TO DIE FOR!

  8. I didn't know the OC Fair has begun! I'm definitely going to check it out soon! I went last year and it was so much fun. My bf won a bike (like bicycle LOL) at the shooting game booth. It was soo funny cuz we didn't want it and we just tried selling it off to whoever wanted it. I wanna get them fried twinkies with strawberries! soooooo good. But yea I'm planning to go, just don't know when.

    p.s. you're soo pretty! i love your brows!

  9. You looked so different back then. but still pretty though~


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