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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind - Concealer and Highlighter

I've been wanting to try Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer plus highlighter for a while now. And after seeing Vanessa's review, it just gives me a another reason for wanting to try it.

This is how it looks like. The concealer side is for hiding imperfections such as, age spots and blemishes. Where the highlighter side is to brighten undereyes.
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind

My before look:

Makeup Concealer

After look:
Concealer Highlighter

PROS: I really like the consistency of both the concealer and the highlighter. The concealer matches my skin tone and blends well. It does not crease nor flakes like most concealer. Another positive thing about this product is the price. For $8-10, you can get the duo at most drugstores.

CONS: None at the moment.

Will I Buy Again? Definitely


  1. nice review! looks like it really works.. shame it's not available here yet!

  2. HUGE difference! I love it! perfect on you!!!! I'm glad you have you butt right back in front of the computer! been missing you!

  3. The second picture of your eye scared me!... lol~ :P I couldn't see the pupil and it looked like an alien eye.

    I need to try this out!!!

  4. I was being nice... lol~ :P I thought the first one looked like it too. :X It's just hard seeing the pupils that's all. :P You got cute, round eyes though! :)

  5. nice review, looks lik it really works!

  6. :D i'm glad that this is working for you; i noticed i'm starting to get dark circles under my eyes :( i think it's from all the staying up late D':

  7. Great review! I can really see the difference. I'm in search of under eye concealer...I'm debating between this one and NYX concealer in a jar.

  8. Hi Cins! Glad you tried it and liked it! I actually really love it too and I love that it's drugstore too! Really hides my imperfections well! :)


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