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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Konad Nail Art Arrived

I had a little communication difficulty with Konad, beside that everything is fine. The package arrived on Monday, I wasn't there to sign it off, so I had to go to the post office to pick it up today. I got myself a basic kit that comes with 3 nail polish, 2 stamping plates, a stamp and a scraper. The only good thing about their website vs. others is they let you pick the polish color and plate number. Also, shipping is from Singapore but the cost is very reasonable. What bother me about this company is the lack of communication with customer. I did not receive any invoice and shipping confirmation/tracking # after the order was placed. I even emailed the company twice with no response from them. Until I've placed an open dispute through PayPal did they start to response.

Will I buy with the company again? READ HERE

Konad Stamping Nail Art

Nail Art Design
Konad Stamping Nails

I didn't expect the nail polish to be so tiny. And this tiny thing cost $3.90 alone? LOL.
Nail Art

Just for you to get a sense of how small the bottle's approximately 1/3 the regular nail polish size.
Nail Arts

Can't wait to try this!!!


  1. I can't wait to see your nail arts. I've seem some of the ones people have done and they're so gorgeous! :)

  2. eeekk! I love your nail art haul! I just did nail art to my mom for the first time!!! she loved it..although for's so blah..hahah she's my mom anyways..she loves everything her daughter does heheh i can't wait for you to play with this :)

  3. Nice haul1 Those bottles are really tiny though. Can't wait to see your nail arts!

  4. That's so cool your sister and I have the same birthday. I always associated my birthday with Janet Jackson... lol~ Now I can add Megan Fox (sexy thang) and your sister. :)

    I like Coastal Scents brushes, as well as, Essence of Beauty. I'm not to sure which brand you were talking about. The one thing about Coastal Scents is it is a either a hit or a miss. I've heard good experiences, as well as, bad *sigh*. The EOB has been my first brushes and I love them a lot. I'm not to keen on the dark haired ones though. They're kind of bad in my opinion. The one brand I'm loving right now is Ecotools. Those brushes don't shed, move, and they're soft. :D

  5. The EOB you only buy them at CVS just in case you didn't know about it. If you don't like them, you can return them. They have a great return policy. :)

    I'll definitely tell you when they have the Ecotools on sale again when I see it. You can also sign up for an e-mail update on their website.

    The reason why I know I have the same birthday as Janet Jackson and Megan Fox is they mentioned it on Extra, that type of show... hehe~

  6. Oh I forgot to ask you, how did you like rioworld site? When I found out about that site, I couldn't stop playing around with it. :X

  7. Awesome haul! Everyone is so into nails lately.. i'm getting tempted. I love the colors you got, I've been wearing those shades lately. Can't wait for whatever creative nail looks you'll come up with!

  8. That sucks that they had poor customer service! I wish I could do nail art!

  9. love to see the results of your nail art!!

  10. oooh! when i read about you talking about this product i as VERY intrigued! please let me know how it goes & post pictures! maybe i'll get some later too :D


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