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Monday, June 23, 2008

Ulta - $3.50 OFF $10 Coupon

To print coupon click:Ulta Coupon
To shop online use code: 93849
Link to many other special offers: Ulta Discounts

Offer valid through 6/28/08 on all regular price, sale and clearance merchandise. Excludes salon services, fragrance, hair artistry brands, re:nu, prestige cosmetics including Bare Escentuals, prestige skincare, GoSmile and T3. Cannot be redeemed for cash or gift cards. This offer cannot be combined with any other ULTA coupon offers. Not valid on prior purchases. Limit one per customer.


  1. i am not sure if the first comment pushed through, there was a problem.

    I was saying, I felt envious that you guys have a lot of discounts and coupons..when my friend from Cali asked me if I wanted something from Ulta, i was on the website almost the whole day to choose! and there wasn't any coupon codes or discounts at that time :(

  2. I know. It's not fair isn't it? We have coupons and special offers like every single week here. I used to get a lot of stuff at regular price until I adopted a hobby to shop online...that was when the digging for good price came in. It amazed me to see how much I've saved so far. Now I have extra cash for foods...LOL.

  3. you know what i do here? I always leave my mobile phone when I purchase something and they would be nice enough to text me to tell me about promotions and far..I've been able to save a lot for a lot of my make-up as well! I don't have coupons but Iam really waiting for sale before I buy something! well for mac, i have to wait a looooooooonnnggg time, coz i plan to buy more when i go to HK, it's cheaper there, same with Shu!

  4. Really? I don't know if retail stores over here offer that same service. I know that stores such as Gucci and LV do but not sure about beauty stores. But I should really look into that. Thank you for the heads up! I wonder why HK has Mac at cheaper prices.

  5. tax free I believe, my aunt went to HK and bought LV bags and purses as she said its even cheaper compared to US. And it's authentic :)

  6. Ok, I'm switching Hawaii for HK as my next vacation spot!!! LOL


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